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Having the right transmission shifter in your vehicle can greatly improve enjoyment of the driving experience. High performance and racing applications, put even greater demands on the shifter. Driving an automatic transmission equipped vehicle with a manual shift valve body installed, demands a top quality shifter. The use of the proper shifter allows you to slam the shifter into the next gear, with no fear of over shifting, hitting neutral or reverse. Get a performance or racing shifter now for the ultimate in upshift and downshifting control.

When used in racing competition, many sanctioning bodies require an automatic transmission equipped vehicle to use a shifter with a reverse lock out for safety reasons. If you plan on racing, be sure to select a shifter that meets the requirements of the racing series you will be competing in. Many B&M shifters include a positive acting reverse lock out feature and are approved for competition use by the NHRA, IHRA and many other sanctioning bodies


B&M Automatic Transmission Street Shifter, Performance Shifter and Racing Shifter Kits

B&M Automatic Transmission Shifter Logo

Whether you are looking for a basic replacement automatic trans shifter or an all out racing shifter we can help. We offer you many different shifter choices. You will find listed here virtually something for everyone, from custom street rod, to radical all out drag racing vehicles. These kits are designed for do it yourself installation and require just a few tools and basic skills to install. To make installation easier, give best feel, and to improve mounting options, all shifters except for the Street Rod model, use a heavy duty cable to connect the shifter mechanism to the transmission shift lever. Kits come with detailed instructions and also include a reverse/neutral safety switch.

We have used B&M shifters in numerous vehicles over the years. The Pro Stick has long been our racing shifter of choice. We have always been pleased with the quality, control and durability of B&M shifters and are happy to recommend them to our customers.



For more information, pricing or to order a B&M Shifter:

When it comes to b&m shifters we can not beat the great low prices that AutoPartsWarehouse offers so instead of fighting, we decided to team up with them. While we here at Campbell Enterprises continue to focus on hard core internal racing engine parts we are happy to help our valued customers with recommendations on trustworthy suppliers for the parts we do not carry. They offer many high quality performance products which complement the internal engine parts and trans parts we specialize in.

Clicking on the highlighted text or image for each automatic transmission shifter model will provide you with additional information, options and pricing. Once you decide on the best shifter for your use you will be able to make your purchase and start enjoying the benefits of a high performance or racing trans shifter.




B&M Shifter Kit Descriptions

For the latest most up to date listing of the newest models please click here: B&M Automatic Shifter page with all the newest models

B&M Pro Stick Shifter

B&M Pro Stick Racing Shifter

Hardcore racers have known for years that B&M Pro Stick Race Shifters include race ready features without any fluff.

These precision gate-style automatic shifters offer quick gate plate swapping to allow use with different transmissions as well as forward and reverse pattern shifting.

  • All One-Handed
  • Cover Removed Quickly and Easily
  • Includes 5 Ft. Super Duty Race Cable
  • Lightweight Brushed Alum. Cover
  • Mount Directly To Floor, Chassis or with Quick Release
  • NHRA/IHRA Reverse Lockout Meets Requirements
  • Precise Gate Action-Consistency
  • Quick Change Plate Design
  • 8 styles available
  • Million Mile Warranty

B&M Pro Ratchet Shifter

B&M Pro Ratchet Shifter Image

Grab an advantage over the competition and earn more race victories with B&M Pro Ratchet Race Shifters. These feature subtle styling and are built around a dependable, race proven, ratchet shift mechanism.

  • Easiest Unit To Double Shift with Air, CO2 or Electric Mechanism
  • Leading Choice For 3 And 4 Speed Transmissions
  • Quick And Easy To Operate
  • Reverse Lockout Meets NHRA And IHRA Requirements
  • Short Throw Ratchet Action Reduces Shift Time
  • Single Hand Operated Reverse Lockout
  • Stick Always Returns To Center Position
  • Supplied with 5 foot Super Duty Race Cable
  • 2 styles available
  • Million Mile Warranty

B&M Pro Bandit Shifter

B&M Pro Bandit Automatic Transmission Shifter Image

With its distinctive appearance the Pro Bandit 2 Speed Powerglide Race Shifter line up is the meanest looking automatic shifters on the market. Gate-style shifter designed for race track conditions.

  • Pro Bandit; Automatic Shifter; Gate 2 Speed; Rear Exit Cable; Uses Modular Quick Change Gate Plate for Use with 2 Speed Trans; with Polished Anodized Finish; Complete Kit; Floor;
  • CNC Machined-6061-T6 Aluminum
  • Fully Polished/Bright Anodized
  • Lightweight Mechanism
  • Narrow Design with No Knobs
  • Neutral Safety Switch Built-In
  • NHRA/IHRA Reverse Lockout Meets Requirements
  • Reverse Exit Cable Design
  • Available in 3 dominating styles
  • Million Mile Warranty

B&M Street Bandit Shifter

B&M Street Bandit Shifter

Do you use your vehicle for street and competition use? If so you may be interested in the Street Bandit Automatic Shifter. These dual-purpose gate-style shifters provide the appearance and feel of a racing shifter while offering ease of use in both cruising and racing use.

  • Can Be Used with Reverse Pattern Valve Body
  • Ideal For High-Tech Pro-Street
  • Ideal For High-Tech Street Rods
  • Includes Backup Light Switch
  • Includes Billet Aluminum Knob
  • Includes Neutral Safety Switch
  • Narrow Styled Aluminum Housing
  • 3 styles available
  • Million Mile Warranty

B&M Hammer Shifter for Automatic Transmission

B&M Hammer Automatic Trans Shifter Image

Cruise in style with the eye catching B&M Hammer shifter automatic trans shifter. The Hammer shifter incorporates a ratchet shifter mechanism and sports a distinctive gear shifter handle.

  • Accurate Transmission Shifting
  • Cable Operated
  • Includes Backup Light Switch
  • Includes Neutral Safety Switch
  • Quick Installation
  • Ratchet Shifter
  • Reverse Lockout Feature
  • 3 styles available
  • Million Mile Warranty

B&M Megashifter Auto Trans Mega Shifter

B&M Mega Shifter Picture

One of the most popular shifters to ever hit the streets, the B&M Megashifter has been a favorite of enthusiast for years. The Mega Shifter has a ratchet shifter mechanism with a timeless T-handle look that provides history proven performance.

  • Accurate Shifting
  • Base Can Be Trimmed-Custom Fit
  • Cable Operated
  • Includes Backup Light Switch
  • Includes Neutral Safety Switch
  • Quick Installation
  • Reverse Lockout Feature
  • Universal Floor Shifter Mount
  • 4 styles available
  • Million Mile Warranty

B&M Z Gate Shifter

B&M Z Gate Shifter Image

The Z-Gate Automatic Shifter is an affordable and effective shifter.

This gate type shifter is another timeless model from B&M.It incorporates a traditional T-handle for the serious competition look.

  • Base Trims To Custom Fit Floor
  • Includes Backup Light Switch
  • Includes Black T-Handle and Cable
  • Includes Neutral Safety Switch
  • Includes Standard 5ft. Cable
  • NHRA/IHRA Reverse Lockout Meets Requirements
  • 1 style available
  • Million Mile Warranty


B&M Star Shifter

B&M Star Shifter Automatic Trans Shifter

In the market for max shifting versatility both on and off the track? Then consider the StarShifter. This shifter can switch between the standard detent-style shifting and ratchet-style by just clicking a button.

  • Accurate Shifting
  • Base Trims For Custom Fit Cable Operated
  • Includes Neutral Safety Switch
  • NHRA/IHRA Reverse Lockout Meets Requirements
  • Polished Aluminum. T-Handle and Cable
  • Quick Installation
  • 1 style available
  • Million Mile Warranty

B&M Sport Shifter

B&M Sport Shifter

The B&M Sport Shifter includes top of the line features you usually find only on premium automatic shifters but at a slimmed down price. This detent type automatic shifter looks very similar to the MegaShifter but is not recommended for racing use.

  • Backup Light Switch
  • Base Trims For Custom Fit
  • Black T-Handle and Cable
  • Lighted Gear Indicator
  • Neutral Safety Switch
  • 1 style available
  • Million Mile Warranty

B&M QuickSilver Shifter Quick Silver Shifter

B&M Quicksilver Shifter

The B&M Quicksilver shifters is a small, sporty and precise shifter. In addition to precise ratchet style shifting, these automatic shifters present a vintage, muscle car era look.

  • Accurate Shifting
  • Base Trimmed For Custom Fit
  • Cable Operated
  • Includes Backup Light Switch
  • Includes Neutral Safety Switch
  • NHRA/IHRA Reverse Lockout Meets Requirements
  • Quick Installation
  • Universal Floor Mount Application
  • 2 styles available
  • Million Mile Warranty

B&M Street Rod Shifter

B&M Street Rod Automatic Transmission Shifter Image

Finish off your hot rod with a B&M Street Rod Automatic Shifter. This detent style, direct linkage type automatic shifter bolts directly to your transmission. This gear shifter is made from premium T6 aluminum to fit in with your rod’s retro trim.

  • Easy To Operate Gate-Style Mechanism
  • Mechanism Attaches Directly to Transmission
  • No Buttons To Rattle
  • Two Stick Lengths To Choose from 12 Or 15 In.
  • 4 styles available
  • Million Mile Warranty


B&M Unimatic Shifter Auto Trans Floor Shifter

BM Unimatic Universal Shifter Pic

Do you want to move your automatic gear shifter down from the steering column and mount it on the floor? B&M Unimatic Shifters are designed specifically for that purpose. These automatic shifters give that 4-on-the-floor look.

  • Backup Light Not Available
  • Ideal As Column Shift Replacement
  • Includes 5 ft. Cable and Hardware
  • Includes Black T-Handle
  • Includes Boot and Plate
  • Includes Neutral Safety Switch
  • 1 style available
  • Million Mile Warranty


B&M Shifter Cable Replacement B&M Shifter Cables

B&M Unimatic Replacement Shifter Cable

Unimatic Replacement shifter cables

The B&M Unimatic Shifter Cable is designed specifically for B&M Unimatic Shifters. This shifter cable is pre lubricated for smooth operation.

  • 0.250 in. Outer Diameter
  • 600 lbs. Pull Strength
  • Long Lay Outer Jacket
  • Pre-Lubed For Smooth Operation
  • Properly Clearance
  • Reduces Backlash
  • 1-year warranty
  • available in 5 and 6 foot lengths
B&M High Performance Shifter Cable Replacement Cable Image

B&M Performance Replacement Shifter Cable

This is the same cable that is included with every new B&M automatic street gear shifter. B&M performance shifter cables are manufactured to minimize backlash and be an ideal replacement cable.

  • 0.250 in. Outer Diameter
  • 600 lbs. Pull Strength
  • Long Lay Outer Jacket
  • Properly Clearance
  • Reduces Backlash
  • Several Lengths Available
  • 1-year warranty.
  • available in 4, 5 and 6 foot lengths
B&M  Super Duty Racing Shifter Cable Replacement Shifter Cable Picture

The Ultimate Super Duty Race Shifter Cables

When missing a shift can make the difference in winning or losing, you need the smooth operation and dependability of the ultimate shifter cable on the market.

The B&M Super Duty Race shifter cable is a superior cable that will optimize your transmission shifting control. These cables can be used as a replacement for any of the B&M PRO series shifters and can also be used as an upgrade cable on the Performance series shifters.

  • 0.375 in. O.D. Outer Jacket
  • 1000 lbs. Pull Strength
  • Less Than 0.015 in./ft. Backlash
  • Pre-Lubed For Smooth Operation
  • Red Long Lay Outer Jacket
  • Rotary Swaged Ends
  • 1-year warranty.
  • Available in 2, 3, 4, 5, 8, 10 and 12 foot lengths.



Choosing Your Automatic Transmission Shifter

When deciding which shifter is best for your application you should consider several parameters.

How will your new shifter be used and what features will best meet your requirements?

Do you want a simple replacement shifter, a high performance shifter or an all out racing shifter?

Do you want your shifter to fit in an existing factory console in your vehicle or do you want a universal fit model?

What model transmission will you be using the shifter with? Many of these shifters include hardware to work with several different transmissions, but you should confirm the shifter model you choose will work with your transmission.

Do you need a competition model racing shifter for serious / Professional racing use? B&M Pro Competition shifters use the finest quality parts to insure accurate shifting and durability in a competition environment. B&M competition model shifters all include the word PRO in the shifter name.

Do you have a preference for a detent, gate, or ratchet type shifting mechanism? The detent style is used on economically priced shifters and intended for general street use. The ratchet and gate type models are the best choices for serious street and racing use and allow aggressive movement of the shifter handle while moving only 1 gear at a time.






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