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Get a new automatic crate transmission kit to go with your crate engine and be on the road or track quickly and with minimal hassles. Buy a new top of the line high performance automatic crate transmission built by JW Performance Automatic Transmissions. These crate transmissions can also be used with other engines, not just crate motors. They are an economical, one order solution for your replacement transmission needs.

These crate transmissions are available in several different models and configurations, with several options to cover anything from a street cruiser, to an all out race car or truck. Kits are available for Chrysler, Mopar, Chevy, GM and Ford motor vehicles. These new automatic crate transmission packages can be can be set up for many different applications also. We have street strip transmissions as well as all out racing automatic transmissions to handle a wide range of horsepower levels and motor sizes.



Performance Automatic Crate Transmissions

Chevy Mopar Ford Crate Transmission

Crate engine and transmission packages are more popular than ever. These high performance street and strip models are a great choice for most street, show and occasional drag strip use as well as for trucks used for towing. If the vehicle has very high horsepower levels, or is used mainly for drag racing, then you will be better served with one of our all out racing transmissions. Please feel free to contact us if you need help in choosing the correct model automatic transmission for your application.

Chevy and GM Crate Transmissions

Part Number Transmission Type Items Included in Crate Trans Package Notes
JWPTH400C GM TH-400 3 speed TH400 S/S automatic transmission, 11" street strip torque converter, dipstick, transmission cooler, 2 gallons of high performance automatic transmission fluid

strongest available high performance 3 speed automatic transmission. Good for up to 600 horsepower.

Turbo 400 models available to handle greater torque and horsepower, please contact us with details about your exact application so we can provide a quote on a model strong enough to handle your exact application.

JWPTH400GVC GM TH-400 3 speed with Gear vendors overdrive TH400 S/S automatic transmission, Gear Vendors overdrive unit, 11" street strip torque converter, dipstick, transmission cooler, 2 gallons of high performance automatic transmission fluid Offers the ultimate in automatic transmission strength, with the improved mileage capabilities of the Gear Vendors overdrive unit. Good for up to 600 horsepower. This package is available to handle much higher power levels, please contact us for more info.
JWPTH350C GM TH-350 3 speed TH350 S/S automatic transmission, 11" street strip torque converter, dipstick, transmission cooler, 2 gallons of high performance automatic transmission fluid

Good all around 3 speed automatic transmission. Good for up to 400 horsepower.

Turbo 350 models available to handle higher power levels. Please contact us for assistance with a TH350 built to handle your exact application.

Ford Crate Engines and Transmissions

With a wide selection of performance vehicles, as well as hard working trucks, Ford crate engines and transmissions are extremely popular. We are currently working on putting together trans packages for Ford and Mercury vehicles.




Automatic Transmission Shifters

B&M Pro Ratchet Racing Automati Shifter Image

Big selection, BEST price guarantee and FREE shipping!

Please CLICK HERE to view our automatic transmission shifter kits and replacement cables


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