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Our aluminum front motor plates and mid-motor mounting plates for racing or engine swaps make installation of any engine into any vehicle a simple and straight forward task. Our front motor plates are made from 1/4 thick 6061-T6 aluminum. Mid-motor plates are available in both 13 gauge mild steel and also 6061-T6 aluminum.

front motor plate engine mounting plate for small block Mopar
Small block Mopar front motor plate #CE703 shown above

These mounting plates are very popular for all types of street and drag race vehicles, door cars, dragsters and roadsters. A motor plate offers an easy way to mount a different engine than what may have come in the car or truck you are working on. You can even mount a different brand of engine into your vehicle. These plates also work well for street rods, hot rods, custom cars and Pro-Street type vehicles.

For installation information please click How to Install a Motor Plate

Front Motor Plates 1/4 inch 6061-T6 Aluminum Engine Plates

Front Motor Plate Catalog

Part #
Small Block Chevy Motor plate 12" X 36"

CE 700

$123.20 $113.34

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SBC Engine Plate Profile Type

CE 711

$179.95 $165.55

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Big Block Chevrolet Motor plate 12" X 36"

CE 701

$123.20 $113.34

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BBC Engine Plate Profile Type

CE 710

$158.40 $145.73

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Big Block Mopar Motor plate 361, 383, 400, 413, 426 Wedge, 426 Hemi, and 440 motor plate 10" X 36"

CE 702

$128.48 $118.20

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Small Block Mopar Motor plate 273, 318, 340, 360, 5.2 Magnum, 5.9 Magnum 10" X 36"

CE 703

$130.24 $119.82

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Ford Small Block motor plate Windsor Series, 289, 305, 5.0, 351w SBF Motor plate 10" X 36"

CE 704

$130.24 $119.82

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SBF Motorplate for Windsor series engines using Danny Bee belt drive or Jesel belt drive Motor plate

CE 712

$139.04 $127.92

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Ford 351C Motor plate 12" X 36"

CE 705

$135.52 $124.68

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Ford Big Block Ford 429, 460 Motor plate 10" X 36"

CE 708

$130.24 $119.82

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Ford FE Motor plate 390 406 410 427 428 Motor Plate 12" x 36" also fits Mercury FE engine

CE 713

$139.04 $127.92

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Oldsmobile Motor plate 10" x 36"

CE 709


Key benefits of using an aluminum front engine mounting plate:

  • A Motor plate eases the mounting, installation and removal of vehicles engine.
  • Engine plates eliminate torque roll of engine within frame as experienced with stock type mounts.
  • A Motor plate opens up a wide number of choices of engine types that can be installed in your vehicle.

If you are looking for a a mid mount plate they can be found on our site here steel and aluminum mid plate info

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How to install motor plate - How to install engine plate

Aluminum Front Motor Plate Installation Suggestions:

These aluminum motorplates install between the engine block and water pump. They then go across the engine compartment from frame rail to frame rail. To install them you mount the plate on your engine and set the engine down into the position you want it in. You then install an angle bracket or piece of "L" shaped metal on the right and left side frame rails in position against the motor plate. Now you weld the bracket to the frame rail. Then you drill one or two holes through the brackets and into the motor plate. Bolts are then inserted through the bracket and engine plate, put on a washer and nut, tighten the hardware and the installation is completed. Once you have the brackets in place and the holes drilled, it is now a simple matter to install or remove the engine by just removing the mounting bolts. (Hardware is not included with the plates as every application is different) Any excess material on the plate that you do not need can be trimmed off, or cut into various shapes to compliment your engine compartment. Many people also use the plate as a place to mount various other items, like the ignition coil, radiator overflow tank, etc.


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