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Transmission Shields and Scatter Shields

A transmission shield provides safety for the driver, track workers and spectators. SFI specification automatic transmission shields are required in many racing classes in order to pass technical inspection. These trans shields are also sometimes called transmission scatter shields which can be confusing. Blow proof bellhousings as used with manual transmissions were known as scatter shields for many years before protective shields for automatic transmissions arrived on the scene. 

In an automatic transmission equipped competition vehicle, the transmission shield covers the main area of the transmission where the bands, clutches and gears are located. A flexplate shield is often also required. This covers the area of the flexplate and torque converter. Click this link > flexplate shields to see our complete list of available flexplate safety items.

All of our transmission shields are certified as meeting SFI 4.1 specs and they meet or exceed the requirements of all major competition sanctioning bodies. We have models available to fit all popular automatic transmissions. All of our transmission shields are made from 6061-T6 aluminum. Each and every SFI rated part we sell has the most current possible date decal on them when shipped.

SFI 4.1 Transmission Shield Benefits

  • A properly installed transmission shield will provide greatly increased safety for driver, car and bystanders.
  • SFI 4.1 spec approved, required by many sanctioning bodies, in numerous classes, in order to pass technical inspection before being allowed to compete.
  • They look great and allow the transmission to run much cooler than the transmission blanket type safety device, because our shields allow for air circulation around the entire transmission..
  • Powder coated for great appearance, resistance to corrosion and ease of cleaning.
automatic transmission shield
Part #

Transmission Shield Models

ce500 Powerglide Trans Shield  
ce501 Powerglide, Polished (This is the only model that is NOT powder coated. The natural aluminum is polished to a high gloss.)  
ce504 Turbo 350 TH350  
ce505 Turbo 400 TH400 Scatter Shield  
ce506 Mercury and Ford C-4  
ce507 Mercury and Ford C-6  
ce508 Chrysler, Dodge, Plymouth, Mopar and AMC 727 Trans Shield  
ce509 Chrysler, Dodge, Plymouth, Mopar and AMC 904 998 999 Torqueflight  
ce510 GM 200 4R  
ce511 GM 200 Metric 3 speed  
ce512 GM 700R4  
ce513 Ford AOD  

GM 4L80E

NOTE: For manual shift conversions or installations where the stock box over the selection shaft is removed and replaced by a switch on the shifter assembly itself.

Will not fit with stock electronics box in place over the shift selector shaft. You have to remove that stock box assembly over the shift selector and then the shield will fit. That box is the transmission range switch to tell the computer what gear the trans is in.

It does not mean that you have to use a manual shift transmission, but that box assembly over the shift selector shaft most be removed and a switch installed on the shifter itself. Then the switch on the shifter is used to take the place of the stock shift selector that you remove.

ce515 Ford AODE - 4R70W (will not fit late model Mustang without transmission tunnel modification)    NO LONGER AVAILABLE  


Frequently Asked Questions

Do you sell the CSR transmission shield?

No, we do not sell the 1 piece Kevlar CSR brand. We suggest you contact CSR directly if that is the type you want to use.

What is a scatter shield?

Some people use the term for what is more properly called a "blow proof bellhousing" on manual transmission equipped vehicles. It is also sometimes used to refer to the solid aluminum type of safety items as listed on this page which are made to wok on automatics.

Which is better a transmission blanket or shield?

We feel that a solid aluminum type shield is the better choice. It is far easier to clean, allows the trans to run cooler, and does not hold grease, oil and dirt the way that a blanket does.

Flexplate Shields

Flexplate shields are a safety item that protects the driver, car, and bystanders. A Flexplate shield is a part that is required by many racing organizations in order to pass technical inspection. A flex plate shield is a good safety investment on any high performance vehicle. Our flexplate shields are all SFI approved and meet or exceed the requirements of all major sanctioning bodies. The flexplate shield bolts in between the back of the engine block and the front of the transmission case.


SFI 30.1 certified flexplate shield

SFI 30.1 Certified Flexplate Shield Application Listing

Buy the best flexplate shield available by ordering from our listing below. We ship flexplate shields with the most current SFI 30.1 certification decals available at the time of your purchase.

Part #

Flexplate Shield Description

600 Chevrolet bolt pattern Powerglide | Turbo 350 | Turbo 400 | 700R4 flexplate shield  
602 Pontiac, Buick, Oldsmobile engine bolt pattern to PG | TH350 | TH400 | 700R4  
603 Multi-fit bolt pattern, Chevrolet, Pontiac, Buick, Oldsmobile to Powerglide flexplate shield  
604 Ford big pattern flex plate shield for Big Block 429 460  
605 Ford small pattern flexplate shield  
6052 Ford S/B AOD flex plate shield  
6053 Ford S/B 4.6L 5.4L, MOD engine family, flexplate shield  
606 Ford FE flexplate shield  
607 Mopar Big Block flex plate shield  
608 Mopar Small Block flexplate shield  
609 Chevy Open-wheel dirt car flex plate shield  
610 AMC-727 Torque Command flexplate shield  
611 Use with GM engine and 4L80E transmission  

Key Benefits of Flexplate shields

  • SFI approved, meets or exceeds the requirements of all major sanctioning bodies, SFI spec 30.1 certified
  • Protects driver, car, track workers and spectators from a Flexplate failure.
  • Helps to minimize additional damage to your expensive vehicle and parts in the event of a flywheel, flexplate, or starter ring explosion.


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