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Automatic Transmission Reverse Manual Valve Body and Forward Pattern Valve Bodies

The automatic transmission valve body controls the shifting of the transmission. A manual valve body gives the driver full control over when the transmission changes gears. When you install a high performance transmission valve body assembly you also gain quicker, firmer shifts for improved performance and reduced wear. We offer valve bodies built by JW Performance Transmissions. These include forward and reverse manual valve body assemblies.


If you would like a further definition of what a manual valve body is and how it works, please click: What is a manual valve body? How does a manual valve body work?.

If you want a manual shift valve body with a transbrake please click: here > JW Transbrake Valve Body List


JW Performance Transmissions, Inc. builds some of the best quality transmission valve bodies on the market. We offer their entire line of dependable, quick shifting assemblies.

JW Performance Transmission Manual Valve Body Applications

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Automatic Transmission Brand and Model Valve Body Type and Shift Pattern Part Number

GM Powerglide Transmission Valve Bodies

GM = Buick, Chevy, Chevrolet, GM, General Motors, Oldsmobile, Pontiac OEM model power glide transmissions, JW Performance and other aftermarket GM based transmissions

manual forward pattern circle track

jw 10260-C


manual forward pattern

jw 10260-F


manual reverse pattern

jw 10261-R


electric neutral circle track

jw 10285


GM Turbo 350 TH350 Manual Valve Bodies

manual forward pattern

jw 20217-F


manual reverse pattern

jw 20218-R


GM Turbo 400 TH400 Manual Valve Bodies

manual forward pattern

jw 30217-F


manual reverse pattern

jw 30218-R


Ford Mercury C4 Manual Valve Body

reverse manual

jw 40218-R


Ford Mercury C6 Manual Valve Body

reverse manual

jw 60218-R


Mopar 727 Torqueflite Manual Valve Body

reverse manual

jw 50218-R


Mopar 904 998 999 Torqueflite Valve Body

reverse manual

jw 50218-R


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Automatic Transmission Adjustment, Tips and FAQ



Q: What is a manual shift valve body? How does a manual valve body work?

A) An automatic transmission manual valve body is a modified or aftermarket valve body which puts full control of when the transmission shifts in the drivers control. Automatic transmissions normally shift, automatically, based on line pressures, vehicle speed, vehicle load and other factors which the driver has no control over. A manual valve body eliminates the automatic shifting function and puts control of gear changes in the drivers hands.

A forward or reverse manual valve body can be used in a street vehicle for quick tire chirping shifts, full control over when the shifts take place and to make driving your high performance street car even more enjoyable. Manual valve bodies are used in most every type of competition activity involving an automatic transmission, to provide the driver with the additional vehicle control offered by having the gear changes occur on command. Faster, firmer shifts for improved performance are also another benefit.



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