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904 Torque Converter Chrysler Dodge Mopar Plymouth Torqueflite TF 904 998 999 Performance Race Torque Converters by JW Performance


The 904 Torqueflite torque converter is one of the most critical components involved in getting maximum performance out of an automatic transmission equipped vehicle. This holds true whether you have a restored muscle car, stock street vehicle, hot street strip car, hot rod, street rod or all out race car.The right stall speed 904 torque converter for your exact application will insure maximum performance and long trouble free service.

Buy the best TF 904 998 999 converter, we offer high quality JW Performance Transmissions brand 904 torque converters. We use their high stall racing torque converters in our own race cars and have been a distributor for JW since the 1980s. Not only do they make outstanding performance products, they also support many racing series and back up their products with top quality service. We are proud to be a full line distributor for JW Performance torque converters, transmissions, and automatic transmission parts and accessories.

We offer TF 904 torque converters for a wide range of engine sizes, power levels, transmission types and applications. Whether you need a torque converter for towing, street performance, street and strip use, pulling events, or all out drag racing, we have the right stall speed converter for your project.


mopar 727 torque converter image

Please call us, e-mail us or use our live support chat button if you need assistance selecting the best TF 904 torque converter for your application. Many of the racing and specialty converters we offer are not in our shopping cart system. This is because we have many specialty and racing converters built to order to insure maximum performance in you exact application. Please contact us for details and pricing if you do not find what you need on our website.

JW Performance TF 904 998 999 Torqueflite Torque Converters

JW Performance TF Torqueflite 904 998 999 Transmission Parts Logo


Mopar Plymouth Chrysler Dodge TF 904 Torque Converters

Part # Description and Notes Price

Street Strip Lethal Series 904 998 999 Converters

jw 55442 11" 2500 stall  
jw 55438 10" 3400 stall  
jw 55438-2 10" 3800 stall  

Drag Race and Ultra Competition Series TF 904 998 999 Torque Converters

jw 55432A 8" 5200/6100 stall  
jw 55432AS 8" 5800/6700 stall with special sprag  
jw 55432BS 8'5400/6500 stall with special sprag  
jw 55432C 8" 4400/5700 stall  
jw 55432CS 8" 4800/6300 stall with special sprag  
jw 55432D 8" 4000/5100 stall  
jw 55432ES 8" 4300/5200 stall  

SFI Approved Mopar HP Racing Flexplate

Dodge Plymouth Chrysler Mopar 6 bolt crank to Mopar 727 or 904 Torque Converter

Mopar SFI approved Flexplate flywheel Mopar flexplate

This flexplate is a SFI approved, solid, extremely strong flexplate for use with any 6 bolt Mopar V8 crankshaft and a Mopar TF 727 or TF 904 998 999 Automatic transmission torque converter. This flexplate is for 11", 10", 9" and 8" High Performance and racing converters and uses 7/16" bolt attaching holes for both the crankshaft and torque converter.

If you have ever seen or held a stock type Mopar flexplate, you know how weak they are. Do not risk damage to your expensive HP engine and transmission by using a weak stock type flexplate, step up to the best JW Performance Solid SFI certified flexplate and know you have a much safer plate transferring your engine power to the transmission.

This is a neutral balance flexplate.

jw 93015 All Mopar V8 with 6 bolt crank flange and 8, 9, 10 or 11 inch diameter 727 and 904 Sold out, no longer available


When installing a higher stall speed converter, it is a good idea to also install a deep aluminum transmission pan and on racing transmissions also an external transmission cooler. Dirt and heat are the two biggest enemies of long life for an automatic transmission, so keeping the fluid clean and in the proper temperature range pays off big dividends by extending transmission life.

There are many cheap, low quality torque converters on the market as unscrupulous sellers know that from the outside most buyers can not tell what is really inside the outer case that you see when looking at a torque converter. Do not be taken in by their hype and cheap prices, buy the best, buy JW.



Part # Description Price
jw 50218-R 66 and newer model 904 manual shift reverse pattern  
jw 55550BR 66 and newer model 904 trans brake manual shift reverse pattern  





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