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Clevite, Clevite 77, Clevite77 and Michigan 77 engine bearings have long been recognized as some of the leading lines of rod bearing, main bearing, and cam bearing sets for engine rebuilding. Clevite engine bearings are preferred by many high performance and racing engine builders. These high performance rod, main and camshaft bearings are found in all types of street, off road and competition engines.

We offer bearings for everything from a stock engine rebuild to an all out racing engine. We have stock replacement, high performance, large chamfer and racing bearings. These include crankshaft main bearings, connecting rod bearings, cam bearings and thrust bearings and thrust washers. Many of these bearings are available as individual parts, or complete sets.

In general the Clevite "P" series bearings, such as CB527P are your performance type bearings and can be used in everything from stock rebuilds to high performance and racing engines, in many applications.

If you are using an aftermarket or other racing crank with larger fillets on the rod throws, you generally need a Clevite H series bearing set. The H bearings include larger chamfers than the P series and are often available with a dowel hole for use with aluminum connecting rods, as well as steel rods.

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Enter your engine size, text description, or Clevite bearing part number in the search box to help speed your search for the bearings you need. You can also pre select the engine brand you are working with, to narrow the search.

If you do not find the main, rod or cam bearings that you need, please feel free to contact us. We also carry Speed Pro bearings, ACL bearings, Federal Mogul bearings and KING bearings.




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