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CP Pistons Kawasaki KFX450 ATV Quad Piston Kits Standard Bore, Big Bore and High Compression Piston

Kawasaki KFX450 Race Quad CP Pistons Logo

CP Pistons, the best pistons for those that demand the ultimate in engine performance!

KFX450 high performance and racing forged piston kits are available here for the KFX450 quad racers. Standard bore size and big bore 468cc KFX450 CP Pistons Kawasaki atv kits and high compression KFX 450 piston kits are all available here. These forged pistons will work with oversize valves as well as high lift camshafts as they include oversize valve reliefs. They incorporate a "X" style forging for greater strength, durability and reduced weight. Along with the full radius dome designs, high performance piston rings and lightweight piston pins, these pistons offer the highest quality and are engineered for maximum power output.


CP Pistons 2007 - 2013 Kawasaki Quad KFX450 Piston Kits

Stock Standard Bore size is 96mm (3.748") Stock Stroke is 62.1mm (2.445")

Cometic top end gasket sets are available separately, but are not included with the piston kit. The matching top end gasket kit for each application is listed in the table, along with the individual piston kit info.

Part # Bore Size Size Compression Top End Gasket Kit # Installation
Piston Kit Price
cp m4027 96mm std. 450 cc 13.0-1 cp c3201est deglaze cylinder $285.00
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cp m4026 96mm std. 450 cc 13.5-1 cp c3201est deglaze cylinder $285.00
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cp m4029


98mm +2mm 468 cc 13.0-1 cp c3202est bore and replate cylinder This piston has been discontinued and is no longer available.

2007 - 2013 KFX 450 PISTON FULL RACE

Full race model pistons are custom forged pistons but available off the shelf. These are single ring, high compression, lightweight pistons which feature a highly efficient dome design that maximizes squish without compromising performance. Lateral gas ports are added to maximize ring seal while a skirt coating is included to provide additional lubrication, minimizing friction in extreme conditions. The full race pistons come complete with high performance rings, lightweight pins and locks.

cp m4025 96mm std. 450 cc 13.8-1 cp c3201est deglaze cylinder $278.75
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Project X TRX450R Platinum Racing Piston, Rod, Gasket Kits

Developed and proven in the 2009 AMA outdoor motocross season, these championship winning kits have once again changed the game. Project X Platinum Kits feature the same top of the line products that top professionals rely on. The redesigned piston and rod combo gives your engine a lightweight assembly that is engineered to give you more power and durability. Revolutionary to the industry, these types of assemblies were once only available as custom pieces at custom prices. Now, off the shelf and available, these kits are just the thing you need to transform your bike into a racing machine without breaking the bank.

  • Platinum Kit includes: Full Race Piston, Piston Pin, Piston Rings, Pin Lock rings, Carrillo Rod and Gasket Kit
  • Piston Kit includes: Full Race Piston, Piston Pin, Piston Rings, Pin Lock rings for 1 cylinder
  • Gasket Kit Includes: Cometic high performance top end gaskets required to replace piston and rod in 1 cylinder


2006 - 2013 Honda TRX450R Project X Platinum Professional Racing Kit

TRX 450 Stock Bore size is 96mm (3.780") Stock Stroke is 62mm (2.441")

Bore Size Disp. Comp Installation

Honda TRX450R piston, TRX450R rod and top end gasket kit

Platinum Kit

Honda TRX450R piston kit

Piston Kit

Honda TRX 450 R top end gasket kit

Gasket Kit
96mm std. 450 cc 14-1 deglaze cylinder, uses stock pin diameter and 2.5mm Longer than stock Rod; Lightweight cpkx2p46
Contact us for availability!
cp mx2p45 cp c3139est



Installation Notes:

  • Deglaze Cylinder When replacing a piston with the same stock bore size as the original factory stock size you do not need to have your cylinder modified. We do recommend that you deglaze the cylinder. This involves running a hone through the cylinder to remove glazing and provide the best possible surface for piston ring seal. This will improve power and piston and ring life.
  • Bore and Replate Cylinder When installing an oversize, big bore piston, the cylinder must be bored to the correct new bore size to allow installation of your oversize piston. The cylinder then must be re-plated and finish honed to provide the proper surface for your piston and rings to work in, and provide best power and longevity. 
Kit Contents
Standard Features included in Kawasaki KFX450 CP Piston Kit:
Double forced pin oilers
Fully CNC machined
Piston Pin
Accumulator groove
Pin lock removal grooves
Piston Rings
Anti detonation grooves
X-style forging
Pin retaining locks
Light weight piston pin
Balanced to + or - 1 gram
CP Pistons Kawasaki KFX450 Piston FULL RACE Model M4025 Top View
Kawasaki KFX 450 CP Forged Piston Bottom View

FULL RACE model piston shown in pictures.

CP Pistons racing pistons are used by top professional riders and teams!


The piston and gaskets listed on this page fit the following model year Kawasaki KFX450 Quad:

2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 KFX450


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