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Dodge Ram Dodge Dakota R/T Durango Van Jeep Grand Cherokee Headers Mufflers Cat Back and Complete Exhaust Systems



High performance headers and exhaust systems for Dodge Ram trucks, Dodge Van, Dodge Dakota R/T, Durango, Jeep Cherokee Headers Jeep Wrangler Headers and Jeep Grand Cherokee from Positive Performance and Mopar Performance are all available here. Positive Performance is well known for their high quality Dodge truck headers and exhaust systems and they also make some of the headers and exhaust systems that are sold through the Mopar Performance program. You can now purchase the Positive Performance headers and exhaust systems direct through us at a cost savings over the Mopar Performance brand and you are getting the exact same parts but without a MP badge attached, while keeping some extra money in your pocket. If you prefer the Mopar Performance brand labeled parts, they are listed below also. The Mopar Performance brand exhaust headers are available for a wider range of vehicles.

Headers, replacement catalytic converters, cat back systems, mufflers, complete exhaust systems, tail pipes and exhaust accesories are available here. You can search the store listings further down this page for a large variety of exhaust related items.

The highest quality headers and exhaust systems for Dodge Ram, Dakota, Dodge Dakota R/T, Durango, Dodge Ram Van, and Jeep Grand Cherokee vehicles are available here. We are proud to be a dealer for Positive Performance Headers and exhaust systems and Mopar Performance.

The Positive Performance high quality headers are manufactured with 3/8" flanges top and bottom. The tubing is heavy duty 14-gauge built into a tri-y design. They carry a lifetime-limited warranty and are ceramic coated for long lasting protection and great appearance. They come complete with header gaskets and ARP bolts. They are also 50 state legal.

We have header and exhaust systems, cat back systems, mufflers, manifolds, catalytic converters and accesories for Dodge Ram, Dodge Dakota, Dodge Van, Dodge Durango and Jeep Cherokee listed here.


Replacement and High Performance Exhaust Systems, Cat Back Systems, Mufflers, Tailpipes, Catalytic Converters and Accy.


Positive Performance Dodge Exhaust Systems and Headers








2000 DAKOTA 360 RT Ceramic Coated



Mopar Performance Cat Back Exhaust Systems and Dodge Truck Headers

dodge dakota exhaust system
  Our Mopar performance parts cat-back exhaust systems are specifically engineered to fit your vehicle. No modifications are required, these kits simply bolt into the OE hangers and brackets. Features include heavy wall 16 gauge aluminized tubing with true mandrel bends allowing for maximum flow and minimum back pressure.a low restriction, aluminized case,flow-through muffler with a 3" core produces a deep mellow exhaust note.No fiberglass to burn out. Kit includes all necessary installation hardware.includes "straight through flow" muffler.
4876628 1997 2.5L-ALL
4876274 1992-95 3.9L-ALL
4876902 1998 5.9L-2WD
4510464 New! 2003 5.7L Hemi Ram 1500 quad and regular cab, short bed ATX, 2WD/4WD 4.0" single tips, split side exits, angle cut
4510465 New! 2003-04 5.7L Hemi Ram 2500 quad and regular cab, extended cab, short bed ATX, 2WD/4WD 4.0" single tips, split side exits, angle cut
4510648 New! 2004 5.7L Hemi Ram 1500 quad and regular cab, short bed ATX, 2WD/4WD 4.0" single tips, split side exits, angle cut
4876087 1994-97 5.9L diesel-All
4876744 1998-99 5.2L/5.9L-All


Bolt on a set of Mopar Performance headers and feel the power. Manufactured from heavy 14-gauge tubing with 3/8" thick flanges. True mandrel bends and triple nickel-chrome finish make these headers the most durable on the market. Each header is engineered to achieve minimum back pressure and maximum flow, resulting in increased horsepower and torque. Kits include all necessary installation hardware. Welding required on some applications.

mopar performance truck headers
P5249532 1992-94 5.2L All 4WD
P4510280 New! 2003 - 2004 5.7L Hemi Ram 1500--automatic 2WD
P4510873 New! 2003 - 2005 5.7L Hemi Ram 1500--automatic 4WD



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