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Dodge Plymouth Chrysler Mopar Performance Fiberglass Hoods, Hood Scoops, and Body Panels

A properly installed Hood Scoop not only enhances the look of your car or truck, it enables the engine to make more power by ducting fresh cool air directly into the intake system. Some scoops also provide a ram type effect at higher vehicle speeds for even more power. The original Mopar Performance Direct Connection line of hood scoops were molded of lightweight fiberglass, and could be easily painted and installed on your hood.

In the past we sold a line of high performance and racing Fiberglass Hoods and hood scoop models from the Mopar Direct Connection Program. They were available in many popular styles from universal to vehicle model specific. The hood scoops could be used on the vehicles they where originally designed for, as well as a wide range of universal hood scoop for a wide range of other car and truck applications. We have kept the historical data on the original Mopar hood scoop models on this page to help people looking for dimensions or other original specs for them.

Find Hood Scoops For Your Car or Truck

We now specialize in hard core engine and transmission parts and no longer stock and sell hood scoops. You may not initially think of Amazon as a place to buy hood scoops, fiberglass hoods and other custom auto parts, but they have a surprisingly large selection of these parts. Amazon now has a large selection of hood scoops, fiberglass hoods, fender flares, spoilers, etc. listed on their website. We have decided to specialize in engine and drivetrain parts now so we no longer sell body parts. You can use the below search tool to locate hood scoops and other body parts on Amazon. Amazon also provides the best shipping rates we have been able to find, as well as great prices and a huge variety.


Vintage Dodge Plymouth Chrysler Mopar Fiberglass Hood Scoop Info

The below listed Direct Connection Mopar Performance fiberglass Hood Scoop part numbers are no longer available, but we are leaving this historical data on our website to help those that may find them for sale elsewhere, want restoration info on them, need dimensions, etc.

These where the legendary Dodge Six Pack, Max Wedge, Hemi A body Barracuda and Hemi Dart, as well as the Challenger T/A style hood scoops.

fiberglass hood scoop mopar performance hood scoop images

Dodge Plymouth Mopar Universal Fiberglass Hood Scoop Models

Part Number Type, Size (L x W x H) and Notes
p5249753 Mopar six-pack hood scoop 26" x 27.5" x 3.25"
p5249755 Mopar 1963-64 max wedge hood scoop 35" x 27.5" x 3"
p5249754 Dodge Plymouth 1968 hemi "A" body Barracuda and Dart Hood Scoop 23" x 34" x 4.5"
p5249756 Dodge Challenger T/A Trans Am Hood scoop 1970-74 E-body 34" x 24" x 3.75"



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