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We offer stock replacement Sealed Power piston sets for many different Mopar Chrysler Plymouth and Dodge engines. These pistons are great for stock rebuilds, muscle car restorations, and even light duty performance applications. All of the Chrysler engines listed below used cast type pistons from the factory. The Sealed Power Piston sets we have are based on the original Chrysler designs, but with improvements due to modern manufacturing techniques ensuring a better piston, at a great price.

We have these parts available for the following V8 Mopar Dodge Plymouth Chrysler engines, 273, 318, 340, 360, 383, 400, 413 and 440. The piston sets are weight matched before packaging by Sealed Power. The pistons come with a selectively fit piston pin, and lock rings where required. We also offer the matching sealed power piston rings for all of these piston sets.



Sealed Power Piston Sets and Piston Rings


All of these Chrysler engine pistons use ring groove widths of 5/64, 5/64, 3/16. The compression height, ch, of each piston is listed in the description column.

We are working to get all of these pistons entered into our online shopping cart system. Until that is completed, please contact us for information and pricing on any of these sealed power piston sets and piston ring sets.



Dodge Chrysler Plymouth Mopar Cast Sealed Power Piston Sets

Piston Set Part # Matching
Premium Moly Piston Ring
Set Part #
Years Available
Description and Application notes
273 322NP E239K-30 64-69 30,40,60 9-1 compression, 2 bbl. carb. ch=1.768"
318 LC371P E178K 68-85 30,40,60 7-1 compression, Marine & Truck use, dish top .040" deep by 3" use with press pin or floating pin connecting rods, ch=1.658"
318 285NCP E178K 67-84 30,40,60 8.5-1 compression, Flat head with 4 valve reliefs, use with press pin or floating pin connecting rods, DurOshield skirt coated piston set, ch=1.720"
318 526P E178K 85-91 Std.,20,
9-1 compression, Flat Top No Valve Reliefs, use with pressed pin rods, ch=1.745"
We have a large selection of cast, hypereutectic and forged 318 pistons, including 318 stroker pistons on our website on this page: 318 Pistons
340 428P E286K 68-71 Std.,20,
10-1 compression, Flat Head with 4 valve reliefs, can be used in 1972 and 1973 340 if you want more compression than those engines had stock from the factory, ch=1.829"
360 405P E251K 71-80 Std.,20,
8-1 compression, Recessed head .070" deep, ch=1.576"
383 366NP E233K 59-71 Std.,20,

8.8-1 compression, Flat top no valve reliefs, ch=1.848"

NOTE: We have many Hypereutectic 383 Piston sets available here > KB Chrysler Dodge Plymouth 383 Pistons We also have cast and forged 383 pistons on our website here: Mopar 383 Pistons
400 406AP E318K 72-78 Std.,20,
8-1 compression, Flat top no valve reliefs, ch=1.813"
413 238P E287X (non-moly) 59-65 30,40,60 9.7-1 compression, flat head, no valve reliefs, use with press pin rods, ch=2.019"
440 350P E424K 66-71 30,40,60 9.4-1 compression, Flat top no valve reliefs, can be used in 1972 thru 1979 440 if you want more compression than those engines had stock from the factory, ch=1.990"
440 424P E424K 72-79 Std.,20,
8-1 compression, Flat top no valve reliefs, ch=1.912", see part 350P above if you want more compression than stock for your 1972-1979 440





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