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5.7 Hemi Stroker Kit

Mopar Chrysler Dodge 5.7L Hemi Stroker Kit

Why install a 5.7 Hemi stroker kit? As produced by Chrysler, the Gen 3 5.7 Hemi is a very versitile powerplant, found in everything from high performance cars like the Challenger and Charger to heavy duty work trucks. As hot rodders and racers we are never happy with an engine as delivered from the factory as we know there is always more power available. The 5.7 has many advantages which make it an ideal choice for a performance or racing engine. The Gen 3 Hemis are good basic engines which are light, compact and easy to come by and relatively inexpensive.

One of the best ways to gain significantly more power is to install a 5.7 Hemi stroker kit. We have a wide range of rotating assembly kits available and if you do not see one that meets your exact needs, we are happy to mix and match components to piece together a kit so you can get exactly what you want. On this page you will find stroker kits for the 5.7 Hemi that can be used in restored musclecars, modern high performance cars and trucks, to all out drag racing and other competition vehicles.

If you are building an engine but do not want to purchase a complete stroker kit, we sell all of the 5.7 Hemi performance parts required to complete a rotating assembly separately.

Buy with confidence from Campbell Enterprises. In business since 1989 we offer technical assistance if you need help, dedicated customer service, quick shipping and affordable prices on top quality aftermarket performance parts..

5.7 Hemi Stroker Kit, What is included?

Our 5.7 Hemi stroker engine kits offer a great combination of performance, dependability and affordability. All of our kits are intended for use as an internal balance assembly. Each kit includes:

  • 4340 forged steel crank
  • 4340 Billet H beam rods with ARP2000 bolts
  • Forged pistons
  • Premium piston ring set
  • High Performance main bearings
  • High performance rod bearings

See the specification list for the exact parts included in any particular kit. We use only top premium parts in our kits. If you have any questions about the parts included in a kit please do not hesitate to contact us for clarification. We look forward to assisting you with a Gen 3 stroker kit for 5.7 Hemi.

5.7 Hemi Specs

  • 5.7L 345 cubic inches stock bore size is 3.917 and stock stroke is 3.580
  • 6.243 stock connecting rod length
  • .945 stock piston pin diameter
  • Stock engine block deck height is 9.250 inches

Cubic Inch Displacement of 5.7 Hemi Stroker Engines

The kits on this page will provide the following total cubic inch displacements based on these cylinder bore sizes:

  • 3.917 = 393.32 cubic inches. This size 5.7 stroker is often referred to as the modern 392 Hemi due to the popularity of the original Chrysler 392 Hemi name.
  • 3.927 = 395.33
  • 3.937 =  397.35
  • 3.947 =  399.37

Campbell Enterprises Select Series Stroker Kits for 5.7 Hemi Engines

These 5.7 Hemi stroker kits contain various top quality brand parts selected by us to provide superior performance at an affordable price. In addition to the very popular 392 stroker kit for 5.7 hemi we offer the parts needed to build many other displacement size engines. There are many choices of crankshaft strokes and pistons for many cylinder bore sizes so you are not limited to just the 392 cid option.

If you are serious about getting large gains in performance from your 5.7 engine, then these kits include the components to help you reach that goal. These kits provide a strong foundation for you to build your engine around.

  • For serious high performance and racing applications
  • Molnar Technologies 4340 forged steel crankshaft
  • Molnar Technologies 4340 billet H beam rods with ARP2000 bolts
  • Forged pistons and rings as noted in table
  • Kits must be balanced before installation, intended for internal balance use. Balancing available before shipping as an added cost option.
  • CID = final stroker engine displacement size as measured in cubic inches
  • Reluctor ring is NOT included but is available separately further down this page


5.7 Hemi Stroker Kit | Part Numbers and Specifications

CID Bore Size

Crankshaft Type & Stroke

Rod Length and Type Piston Compression ratio with cylinder head chamber volume of: Kit #
65cc 73cc 85cc
393 3.917 stock 4340 forged steel 4.080 stroke 6.125 H-Beam Wiseco -22cc 9.5 8.9 8.0


Wiseco -8cc 11.0 10.1 9.0 57408WM8XS
Wiseco +12cc     11  
395 3.927 .010 over 4340 forged steel 4.080 stroke 6.125 H-Beam        


397 3.937 .020 over 4340 forged steel 4.080 stroke 6.125 H-Beam CP -10.3cc     9.25 57408CM10X2
        CP +5cc     10.75  
399 3.947 .030 over 4340 forged steel 4.080 stroke 6.125 H-Beam          





345 Dodge and Chrysler 5.7 Hemi Pistons

Wiseco Chrysler Dodge 5.7 Hemi Piston Features

  • Forged pistons made from high strength 2618 Alloy. Will not shatter like hypereutectic or cast pistons.
  • Strong, strutted skirt is specially designed to run at as little as .004” clearance, with excellent skirt wear and minimal noise or rock.
  • Radiused Valve Pockets for detonation resistance and increased flow around valves.
  • Anti-detonation Grooves help keep the top ring groove free of carbon.
  • 1.2mm Nitride steel top ring, 1.2mm Napier 2nd, and Nitride 3mm oil for reduced friction for more horsepower.
  • Pressure Groove for enhanced ring seal.
  • Features Chrome Moly Pins and Spirolox®. (Tool steel pins optional.)
  • Brush domes require minimal deburring by the engine builder.
  • Wiseco ArmorGlideTM skirt coated for lower friction, reduced noise, and superior life.

Explanation of Wiseco 5.7 Hemi piston specs listed below:

  • 5.7 hemi forged pistonBore = Finished cylinder bore size in inches that piston is designed to work in
  • Stroke = Crankshaft stroke in inches that piston is designed to work with
  • Rod = Connecting rod length in inches that piston is made to work with
  • CH = Compression Height, also known as compression distance. This is the dimension, in inches, from the centerline of the pin bore to the top deck of the piston
  • Wt = weight in grams of one piston
  • Pin = pin diameter in inches, all pins 2.250" long
  • CCs = cc displacement in total of the valve reliefs, and any dish or dome
  • Compression Ratio = static compression ratio comparison of piston when used with different volume cylinder head chambers. Stock 5.7L Hemi heads built through 2008 had a 85cc chamber. 2009 and newer 5.7L heads have a 65cc chamber. 6.1 Hemi heads are 73cc
  • Piston Ring Set = part number for a complete engine set of plasma moly file fit piston rings, ring widths are 1.0mm, 1.2mm, 2.8mm. The rings listed here are for use with the Wiseco pistons listed beside them.
  • Piston and Ring Set = part number for a complete set of 8 forged pistons, piston pins, spiro locks and piston rings
Bore Stroke Rod CH Wt Pin CCs Compression Ratio Piston and Ring Set
65cc 73cc 85cc
3.937 .020 over 4.080 6.125 1.080   .866 -22 9.5 8.9 8.0  
3.917 std 4.080 6.125 1.080 401 .866 -8 11.0 10.1 9.0 K465XS

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3.937 .020 over 4.080 6.125 1.080 403 .866 -8 11.0 10.1 9.0 K465X2

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3.917 std 4.080 6.125 1.080 423 .866 +12     11.0 K468XS

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3.937 .020 over 4.080 6.125 1.080 428 .866 +12     11.0 K468X2

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Stroker 5.7 Hemi Pistons CP Bullet Series

CP Bullet Pistons 5.7L Hemi Pistons 6.1L Hemi Pistons Logo Image


Bullet Series 5.7L Hemi Forged Pistons

chrysler dodge modern hemi forged pistons and stroker piston setsIf you have made the decision to build a 5.7 Hemi stroker, then we suggest you consider the Bullet Series piston and ring sets from CP Carrillo. The Bullet Piston series incorporates everything that has made CP the industry leader in 5.7 and 6.1 Hemi forged pistons. The Bullet Series modern Dodge hemi stroker pistons were conceived as a high quality piston set available at a reasonable price. Exhaustive R&D, specifically designed forgings and centralized manufacturing allows CP to succeed at reaching their lofty goal of high quality at affordable prices. More general information is available here: CP Bullet Forged Pistons Index


6.1 L Hemi 5.7 L Hemi Pistons Pins Pistons Rings and LocksCP Carrillo 5.7 Hemi Piston and Ring Set Features

  • Set of pistons balanced within 1 gram
  • 2618 alloy for strength and durability
  • Dual forced pin oilers
  • Contact reduction grooves
  • Accumulator groove
  • Forged side relief
  • FEA designed forging
  • Tight tolerances
  • Same manufacturing process as CP Pistons
  • Rigorous quality control
  • ISO 9000 certified


Contents of 5.7L Hemi and 6.1L Hemi Piston and Ring Sets:

  • 8 forged pistons 2618 Alloy
  • 8 high quality chrome moly piston pins
  • 1 set of piston pin retention wire lock rings
  • 1 piston ring set with gas nitrited steel top rings, Napier back cut 2nd rings and soft nitrited oil rings


CP Bullet Pistons for for 5.7 Hemi Specs

  • Engine Block OEM Chrysler, Dodge, Mopar 5.7L and 6.1L Hemi, as well as aftermarket race blocks based on these OEM spec blocks
  • Bore = Finished bore size piston set is designed to work in
  • Stroke = Crankshaft stroke piston is designed to work with
  • CID = Final cubic inch displacement of engine based on this bore and stroke
  • Rod = Rod length piston is designed to work with
  • CD = Compression Distance
  • Head Type Cylinder head types pistons are designed to work with, includes OEM and aftermarket heads made with OEM style chambers, valve angles and valve locations
  • Disp = Net Displacement of the piston valve reliefs, dish and/or dome  in ccs
  • Comp =  Compression as calculated with a 85cc head chamber volume, + .020" deck height and 8.6cc displacement head gaskets for 5.7 hemi heads and 72.5cc chamber, + .020" deck and 8.6cc gaskets for 6.1 Hemi heads
  • Piston pins .866 x 2.250
  • Valve Relief Depths =  Intake .160", Exhaust .045"
  • Piston ring grooves are 1.5mm x 1.5mm x 3mm
  • For Reference Stock Chrysler Dodge Mopar Modern Hemi bore and stroke specs as follows: 345 cid 5.7 L Hemi = 3.917 x 3.580 , 370 cid 6.1 L = 4.055 x 3.580

We recommend K1 Technologies 5.7 6.1 Hemi Rods and K1 Stroker cranks for use with these piston kits. The rod and crank info is listed below this piston chart.


Block / Bore Stroke / CID Rod CD Head Type Disp Comp Part #

5.7 Hemi .020 oversize



397 ci

6.125 1.095 5.7 Hemi -10.5cc 8.7 BH57-925-020
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5.7 Hemi .020 oversize



397 ci

6.125 1.095 5.7 Hemi +4.6cc 10 BH57-1075-020
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5.7 Hemi Stroker Crankshafts

Molnar Technologies

Molnar Technologies is taking the lead in producing several superior quality Gen 3 Hemi crankshafts. These premium 4340 forged steel cranks are for use in the modern EFI Chrysler and Dodge 5.7, 6.1 and 6.4 Hemi engines. These cranks are the ones that we use in the majority of our 5.7 Hemi stroker kit rotating assemblies.

We are proud to be a distributor for the entire Molnar Technologies product line which includes premium cranks and rods for the Gen3 Hemi engines. These gen 3 Hemi cranks are machined from extremely strong 4340 forged steel forgings and held to very tight machining tolerances. They are a great combination of strength and performance at a reasonable price.

Molnar Gen3 Hemi Stroker Kits

If you are looking for all the parts for a complete 5.7L Hemi stroker kit instead of just a crankshaft, you can find all of those parts on our website here: Molnar Technologies 5.7 Hemi Stroker Kits

Forged Chrysler Dodge Gen3 Hemi Stroker Cranks

5.7 Hemi Stroker Crank

Molnar Technologies 4340 Steel Forged EFI Gen 3 Hemi Crank Specs

These crankshafts will fit in the modern, Gen 3 EFI Hemi engines which include engines with stock displacements of 5.7 liter, 6.1 liter  and 6.4L. The factory cylinder bore size is the main difference in the factory displacement of the 5.7 and 6.1 while the 6.4 has a unique bore and stroke.

OEM Gen3 Hemi Stock bore and stoke dimensions:

  • 5.7 Bore 3.917 inches Stroke  3.578 inches
  • 6.1 Bore 4.055 inches Stroke  3.578 inches
  • 6.4 Bore 4.090 inches Stroke 3.720 inches

Buy the best Gen3 Hemi cranks available from Molnar Technologies here and get dedicated customer service, technical assistance if you need help, unbeatable prices and fast shipping of all in stock items.

Molnar Technologies Gen 3 Hemi Crankshaft Features

  • 4340 forged premium steel construction
  • Nitrided main and rod journal surfaces for superior wear resistance
  • Multi stage heat treatment
  • Core hardened
  • Nitrided
  • Mag-Particle Inspected
  • Straight oil holes for best rod journal lubrication
  • Precision machined to extremely tight tolerances
  • Material properties are monitored closely to insure optimum performance
  • Counterweight placement designed for improved crankshaft performance
  • .125" radius on both the connecting rod and main journals for increased strength
  • Precision ground and micro-polished journals
  • Chamfered oil holes for improved oiling
  • Indexed for correct stroke
  • Excellent choice for any Gen 3 Hemi stroker kit

These crankshafts will fit Chrysler and Dodge, 5.7 liter, 6.1 liter, and 6.4 Liter Gen 3 Hemi engines. The main difference in these 3 engines from the factory is the cylinder bore size and crankshaft stroke.

4340 Forged Steel 5.7, 6.1, 6.4 Hemi Chrysler Dodge Crankshaft Specs


Gen 3 Dodge 5.7, 6.1 and 6.4 Hemi Stroker Cranks by Molnar Technologies

  • Stroke Crankshaft stroke length in inches
  • Notes Additional information about specific applications
  • Pin Crank rod pin / rod journal diameter in inches
  • Main All of these cranks use the stock main journal size of 2.559"
  • Min Rod Recommended minimum rod length in inches
  • Bob Approximate bob weight in grams

Chrysler Dodge EFI Gen3 HEMI Cranks

Stroke Notes Pin Min
Bob Part Number
3.593 Chrysler Drag Pack Hemi Crank with 2.100" rod pins (**NHRA Approved**) 2.100 6.000 1850 345-3593JB6F

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3.795 (**NHRA Approved**) 2.100 6.000 1850 345-3795JB6F

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3.900   2.000 6.125   345-3900JA6F

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3.900   2.100 6.125   345-3900JB6F

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4.000   2.100 6.125 1850 345-4000JB6F

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4.050   2.000 6.125 1800 345-4050JA6F

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4.080   2.000 6.125 1800 345-4080JA6F

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4.250   2.000 6.125 1800 345-4250JA6F

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Molnar Technologies Chrysler and Dodge Gen 3 Hemi Reluctor Rings

Molnar 5.7 6.1 6.4 hemi reluctor ring

For use with Molnar Technologies Gen3 Hemi Crankshafts

Description Part #

This reluctor gear is the correct one to use with Molnar Technologies Gen 3 Hemi stroker cranks in engines requiring a 32 tooth reluctor. It uses a 4 bolt attachment which is the same as the OEM Chrysler 6.1 crankshaft. The 2003 - 2008 5.7 and 6.1 used the 32 tooth wheel.



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If you have a 2009 or newer Gen3 Hemi with a 58 tooth reluctor and a Molnar Technologies crankshaft, this is the correct gear for you. (NOTE: Some people count the teeth on the 2009 and later as 60, but difference is only in how people count the large teeth, so even though some people say 58 and some 60, they are both the same reluctor) MRR-60

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2013 and Newer:

Chrysler / Dodge changed the OEM reluctor and engine management system in 2013. If you are working with a 2013 or newer vehicle and a Molnar Technologies crankshaft, then this is the proper 58 tooth reluctor to use.


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Chrysler Dodge 5.7 Hemi Main Bearings

High Performance 5.7 Hemi main bearings

Clevite 77 High Performance 5.7L main bearing set for high performance or racing use. This is a complete set of 5 main bearings in standard size. Can be used with stock or aftermarket cranks which use the stock main journal size.

Clevite MS2220H

$144.30 $139.97

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5.7 Hemi Rod Bearings for 2.000 Journal

High Performance 5.7 Hemi Rod Bearings

Clevite 77 High Performance bearings for use with this stroker crank which uses a 2.00 inch diameter rod journal. Part number and price shown is for 1 complete bearing ( 2 half shells ). Be sure to order the quantity you need (8 for a complete set) Quantity to order can be adjusted by using "view cart" at the top of any page on our site, once the item is added to the cart.

Clevite CB745HN

$14.95 $14.50

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Rod Bearings for Stock 5.7 Hemi Spec Rod Journal





Molnar Hemi 5.7 Connecting Rods

  • Length Length of the connecting rod, as measured center to center, in inches.
  • Weight Weight in grams, of one complete connecting rod assembly
  • Notes Additional information about specific applications
  • Bolt Size Bolt diameter in inches, Rods come with ARP2000 fasteners installed
  • Rod Jrnl Size Crank rod journal diameter
  • Pin Size Piston pin diameter, in inches or millimeters
  • BE Width Width of the crankshaft end of one rod
  • PE Width Width of the piston end of one rod
  • Part Number Molnar Technologies Connect Rod set part number
  • Price The price shown is for a complete set of rods for the engine.
Rod Length Weight Description Bolt Size Rod Jrnl Size Pin Size BE Width PE Width Part Number

Chrysler Dodge Mopar Gen3 5.7 6.1 and 6.4 Hemi

Length Weight Description Bolt Size Rod Jrnl Size Pin Size BE Width PE Width Part Number
6.125 608 .866 pin diameter Use CB-663H or equivalent bearing 3/8 2.000 0.866
0.930 0.930 DH6125LFB8-A

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6.125 668 Gen III Hemi Turbo Rod with .866 pin 7/16 2.000 0.866
0.930 1.000 DH6125LFB-T8-A

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6.125 664 Gen III Hemi Turbo Rod with .927 pin 7/16 2.000 0.927 0.930 1.000 DH6125LLB-T8-A

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6.200 629 Gen III Hemi Std Wt Use CB-1657AL or equivalent bearing 7/16 2.100 0.927 0.930 1.000 DH6200NLB8-A

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6.200 628   3/8 2.000 0.927 0.930 0.900 DH6200LLB8-A

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6.200 680 Gen III Hemi Turbo Rod 7/16 2.100 0.927 0.930 1.000 DH6200NLB-T8-A

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6.200 634 NHRA Drag Pak Legal 7/16 2.100 0.927 0.940 1.000 DH6200NLB-DP8-A

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6.200 627 6.4L Factory replacement length and journal size but with .927 wrist pin 7/16 2.125 0.927 0.934 0.900 DH6200TLB8-A

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6.242 621 5.7L and 6.1L Factory replacement length and journal size but with .927 wrist pin 7/16 2.125 0.927 0.934 0.900 DH6242TLB8-A

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If you do not see a kit with the 5.7 Hemi specs you need:

We offer a large variety of Mopar, Chrysler, Dodge Hemi 5.7 stroker kit assemblies, We also offer custom piston options. If you do not see a kit that includes the items you want, or you need a different bore size or compression piston, please contact us and we will be happy to help you with a custom configured 5.7 Hemi stroker kit.


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