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Buick V6 Connecting Rods K1 Technologies Buick V6 H Beam Rods

K1 Technologies Buick V6 Connecting Rods Buick Turbo Rods

V6 Buick and Turbo engine 4340 H-Beam Connecting Rods


Buick V6 H-beam connecting rods are now available in a high strength H beam forged style. K1 Technologies is producing an extremely strong, 4340 forged rod set at a reasonable price for the Buick V6 Turbo engine as used in the Buick Grand National, Buick Turbo Regal and turbo Buick Regal T-Type vehicles, as well as other Buick V6 engines using the same dimension connecting rods.

K1 Technologies V6 Buick connecting rods are forgings for superior strength and durability. K1 H beam Buick V6 rods are all forged from 4340 grade steel and include ARP2000 bolts. All Buick H beam connecting rods are bushed for use with full floating piston pins. These rods are ideal for any rebuild project, but are especially beneficial in high horsepower turbo charged Buick V6 engines. These engines are also known as the 231 Buick V6. So whether you are building a hot street strip turbo Buick Regal, a nice restored Buick Grand National or an all out drag race turbo Buick, or any other Buick V6 hot rod, we have a rod set to help you build a stronger engine with.

All of the K1 Technologies Buick V6 connecting rods use ARP2000 cap screws.

Buick V6 Connecting Rods K1 Technologies Buick Turbo V6 Rods

part # Description length
pin size big end width pin end width housing bore
k1 bh5960arvb6-a Buick V6 stock length and pin size, ARP2000, bushed for floating piston pin 5.960" .940" .854" .985" 2.374"
k1 bh5960arvp6-a Buick V6 stock length and pin size, ARP2000, for use with press fit piston pin 5.960" .940" .854" .985" 2.374"
k1 bh6000arlb6-a Buick V6 with 6 in.long rod, ARP2000, bushed for floating piston pin 6.000" .927" .854" .985" 2.374"
k1 bh6350arlb6-a Buick V6 Even Fire, Off Center, with 6.350 in.long rod, ARP2000, bushed for floating piston pin 6.350" .927" .854" .985" 2.374"
k1 bh6350arlb-ef6-a Buick V6 Even Fire, On Center,with 6.350 in. long rod, ARP2000, bushed for floating piston pin, 6.350" .927" .854" .985" 2.374"
k1 bh6350arlb-wj6-a Buick V6 with 6.350 in. long rod, ARP2000, bushed for floating piston pin, Wide Journal .890 inch wide 6.350" .927" .890" .985" 2.374"

Notice: The rod journals on some Buick V6 cranks vary in width and it is the responsibility of the engine builder to check side clearance at the time of assembly. Make sure there is between .008" and .012" minimum side clearance between the rod and the thrust faces of the crank pin. Failure to comply with this warning could result in catastrophic bearing and/or engine damage.

K1 Technologies is dedicated to providing world class "energy transfer technology" at an affordable price. K1 uses its wealth of knowledge, and real world experience, to produce top quality connecting rods and crankshafts at an affordable price.

K1 Technologies Buick V6 Turbo H beam rod

K1 Technologies manufactures H beam connecting rods and I beam connecting rods, in many rod lengths, and 4340 forged crankshafts and stroker cranks in a variety of strokes. You may view the full line of K1 Technologies products by clicking on this link: K1 Technologies Performance Engine Parts

We also offer Buick V6 pistons in several different types, including forged turbo Buick V6 pistons, Buick Grand National pistons, as well as piston rings, bearings, etc. If you can not find the V6 Buick engine parts you need, or have questions, please contact us and let us know what you need, and we will be happy to get back to you ASAP with more info and pricing.



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