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Big Block Chevy Pistons CP Bullet Series BBC Flat Top Pistons and Rings

CP Bullet Pistons Flat Top Big Block Chevy Pistons Logo Image


Bullet Series Flat Top Forged Big Block Chevy Pistons

Bullet Series BBC pistons and ring sets are premium CP quality piston sets available at an affordable price. The Bullet Piston series incorporates everything that has made CP the industry leader in big block Chevy forged pistons.

The Bullet Series BBC flat top forged pistons were conceived as a high quality bbc piston set available at a reasonable price. Exhaustive R&D, specifically designed forgings and centralized manufacturing allows CP to succeed at reaching their lofty goal of high quality at affordable prices. More information is available here: CP Bullet Pistons Index




flat top bbc Pistons Pins Pistons Rings and LocksBig Block Chevy Flat Top Piston and Ring Set Features

  • Set of bbc pistons balanced within 1 gram
  • 2618 alloy for strength and durability
  • Dual forced pin oilers
  • Contact reduction grooves
  • Accumulator groove
  • Forged side relief
  • FEA designed forging
  • Tight tolerances
  • Same manufacturing process as CP Pistons
  • Rigorous quality control
  • ISO 9000 certified



big block chevy flat top pistonsContents of Flat Top Big Block Chevrolet Pistons and Ring Sets:

  • 8 bbc forged pistons 2618 Alloy
  • 8 high quality chrome moly piston pins
  • 1 set of piston pin retention wire lock rings
  • 1 piston ring set with gas nitrited steel top rings, Napier back cut 2nd rings and soft nitrited oil rings


CP Bullet Big Block Chevy Flat Top Pistons Specification Info:

  • Engine Block All of the pistons listed below are designed to work in a standard deck height block of 9.800"
  • Bore = Finished bore size piston set is designed to work in
  • Stroke = Crankshaft stroke
  • Rod = Rod length piston is designed to work with
  • CD = Compression Distance
  • Head Type Will work with open or closed chamber, stock valve angle
  • Disp = Displacement of the valve reliefs in ccs
  • Comp =  Compression as calculated with a 118cc head chamber volume, .015" deck height and 10.2cc displacement head gaskets
  • Piston pins are .990 inch diameter and 2.750 inches long for bore sizes up to 4.310 and 2.930" long for bore sizes of 4.500 and larger
  • VR = Valve Relief Depths are .295 for bore sizes up to 4.310" and .310 for bore sizes 4.500 and larger
  • Piston ring grooves are 1/16 x 1/16 x 3/16
  • For Reference a stock 454 engine has a 4.250" bore with a 4.000" stroke and a 6.135" rod
Bore Stroke Rod CD Head Type Disp Comp Part #
4.280 4.250 6.385 1.275 OC / CC -2.94cc 8.5 BBC5010-030
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4.310 4.250 6.385 1.275 OC / CC -2.94cc 8.6 BBC5010-060
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4.500 4.250 6.385 1.275 OC / CC -3.43cc 9.2 BBC5210-STD
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4.530 4.250 6.385 1.275 OC / CC -3.43cc 9.3 BBC5210-030
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4.560 4.250 6.385 1.275 OC / CC -3.43cc 9.4 BBC5210-060
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4.600 4.250 6.385 1.275 OC / CC -3.43cc 9.5 BBC5210-100
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