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Motor Plates Mid Motor Plates SFI Approved Transmission Shields and Flexplate Shields


We offer a large selection of front and mid motor / engine mounting plates, transmission shields and flexplate shields. You can read more below, or use these links to go directly to the product you are interested in. 






Aluminum Front Motor Plates

Aluminum Engine Plate Aluminum Motor Plate Mounting Plate Image

Click here to view our complete list of available front motor plates and more details.

Engine and motor mounting plates are very popular for many types of vehicles, installations, swaps, and more. These motor plates are frequently used in hot rod construction, drag race cars, engine swap applications, etc. These plates also permit an easy way to mount a different engine in the car or truck you are working on. You can even swap in a different brand of engine into your vehicle with ease by using a motor mount plate, instead of the stock mounts. These plates also work well for street rods, custom cars and "Pro-Street" type vehicles.

Our front motor plates and mid-motor plates for racing or engine swaps make installation of any engine into any vehicle a simple and straight forward task. Our front motor plates are made from 1/4 thick 6061-T6 aluminum. Mid-motor plates are available in both 13 gauge mild steel and also 6061-T6 aluminum.

Mid Plates Aluminum or Mild Steel

Engine Mid Plate

Click here for our complete mid plate list and additional details.

These aluminum front motorplates and aluminum or mild steel mid motor plates, are all exceptional values and have been track tested and proven for over 35 years. We are pleased to offer these high quality parts to our customers in order to help you get your project out of the garage and into action.


SFI Certified and Approved Racing Safety Shields

Transmission Shields provide safety for the driver, track workers and spectators and are required in many racing classes in order to pass technical inspection. All of our shields are SFI approved and meet or exceed the requirements of all major sanctioning bodies. Our shields are available to fit all popular transmissions.

The transmission shields meet SFI spec 4.1 and are made from high quality 6061-T6 aluminum. The flexplate shields meet SFI spec 30.1. We ship shields with the most current SFI decals available.

Transmission Shields SFI 4.1

Trans Shield SFI Transmission Shield Image

Click here to view our complete trans shield application listing and more info.


Automatic Trans Flexplate / Flywheel Shields SFI 30.1

A Flexplate shield is a part that is required in many racing classes in order to pass technical inspection. Our shields are all SFI approved and meet or exceed the requirements of all major sanctioning bodies.

SFI Approved Flexplate shields SFI certified Flex Plate Shields

Click here to view our complete flexplate shield list and additional info.


For more detailed information, specifications and pricing on motor plates, mid motor plates, transmission shields and flexplate shields, please click on the appropriate link below.


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