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CP Pistons Dodge Plymouth Chrysler Mopar 360 408 Stroker Piston Sets

Forged Mopar 360 Dodge Plymouth Chrysler CP Pistons Racing Pistons

CP 360 Pistons, for those that demand the ultimate in engine performance!>


CP Pistons is dedicated to producing the highest quality competition 5.9, 360, 408 stroker racing components in the industry. CP 360 Pistons are for those wanting the absolute best possible forged piston for their Dodge, Plymouth, Chrysler, Mopar small block 360 5.9 based high performance racing engine. CP Pistons supply racing components to top level competitors in NASCAR, Formula One, NHRA, IHRA, NMCA, CASCAR, the IRL and many other premier racing series. CP Pistons manufacturing is handled totally in house which enables them to produce a superior product. CP is committed to designing and producing the highest quality, lightest, best performing Mopar forged 360 pistons on the market.



Mopar 360 408 CP Pistons

360 Mopar forged CP Pistons sets are available in reverse dome designs, for 5.9L, 360 stroker engines. This CP racing piston set features:

  • Wrist pins and pin fitting included
  • Accumulator groove included
  • Double pin oilers are force fed from the oil ring
  • Large valve relief depths and diameters allow for high lift cams and oversized valves
  • Piston sets are balanced to +/- 1 gram
  • Pin lock grooves included to ease lock removal
  • Fully CNC Machined
  • Double spiral locks included

CP Pistons Mopar Chrysler Plymouth Dodge 360 Racing Pistons Mopar 408 Stroker Pistons

  • Stock 360 bore size is 4.000"
  • Stock 360 stroke is 3.580"
  • Piston ring grooves are 1/16", 1/16", 3/16"
  • Compression based on block deck cut .010" and .039" compressed head gasket
  • The 4.000" stroker crankshaft builds a 408 cubic inch engine at .030 oversize
  • FT = Flat Top
  • DM=Dome Top
  • RD=Reverse Dome Top
  • CH = Compression Height This is the measurement from the centerline of the piston pin bore to the top flat part of the piston
  • Wt= Piston weight in grams

360 Racing Piston Set Part #



Bore Size Crank
Pin Size CH Wt.
ccs type CR w/head
chamber of:
63cc 68cc
cp s4040
$966.00 $763.14

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4.000" 6.123" .984" x 2.500" 1.455 455 -12 RD 10.8-1 10.3-1


dish top 360 5.9 L Magnum Pistons Pins Pistons Rings and Locks5.9 Magnum 360 Engine Dish Top Piston and Ring Set Features
  • Set of 360 pistons balanced within 1 gram
  • 2618 alloy for strength and durability
  • Dual forced pin oilers
  • Contact reduction grooves
  • Accumulator groove
  • Forged side relief
  • FEA designed forging
  • Tight tolerances
  • Same manufacturing process as CP Pistons
  • Rigorous quality control
  • ISO 9000 certified

Contents of CP Bullet Series Chrysler 360 Pistons and Ring Sets:

  • 8 360 Mopar performance forged pistons 2618 Alloy
  • 8 high quality chrome moly piston pins
  • 1 set of piston pin retention wire lock rings
  • 1 piston ring set with gas nitrited steel top rings, Napier back cut 2nd rings and soft nitrited oil rings

Specifications and Technical Details

  • Engine Block The pistons listed below are designed to work in a standard deck height 5.9 Magnum / 360 block of 9.600 or aftermarket blocks built to the same spec
  • Bore = Finished bore size piston set is designed to work in
  • Stroke = Crankshaft stroke
  • Rod = Rod length piston is designed to work with
  • CD = Compression Distance
  • Head Type stock valve angle, stock valve location, stock chamber OEM or aftermarket
  • Disp = Displacement volume in ccs
  • Comp =  Compression as calculated with a 68cc head chamber volume, .010" deck height and 9.5cc displacement head gaskets
  • Piston pins are .984 inch diameter and 2.500 inches long
  • VR = Valve Relief Depths are .295
  • Piston ring grooves are 1.5mm x 1.5mm x 3mm
  • For Reference a stock 360 engine has a 4.000" bore with a 3.580" stroke and a 6.123" rod.
Bore Stroke Rod CD Head Type Disp Comp Piston and Ring Set Part #
4.030 4.000 6.123 1.427 All 18° -17.4cc 9.6-1 BM 4040-030
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