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TRW Automotive TRW Pistons now Speed Pro Forged Pistons

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TRW brand pistons are no longer in production. Although many people still refer to TRW pistons and TRW auto parts, they no longer exist. TRW pistons became part of the Speed Pro Pistons line many years ago. Speed Pro pistons are available in both forged and hypereutectic piston sets. TRW forged pistons were integrated into the Speed Pro PowerForged series of pistons. All of these high quality pistons come complete with piston pins, and the pistons and pins are already pin fit. The sets are also weight matched before packaging. The pistons are available in a wide range of sizes and compression ratios, for a large variety of engine types. Federal Mogul is the parent company for Speed Pro, TRW and Sealed Power. The forged pistons that used to be listed as TRW, are now the Speed Pro Power Forged branded piston sets.

TRW Automotive / Speed Pro Quality

SpeedPro and TRW forged pistons have long been known for their high quality, close tolerances and durability. These pistons are great for use in stock type rebuilds where you want a stronger piston, or more compression. The Speed Pro and TRW piston sets are popular choices for use in Hot rod and Street Rod engines. These high performance pistons are also excellent choices for high performance street, street strip, and many racing applications.

Many of these pistons also included friction reducing coatings on the piston skirt area. They feature high strength, accurate machining, close tolerance piston groove machining to improve ring seal, and power, while reducing blow by and oil contamination. These pistons incorporate modern complex skirt profiles and the forged piston sets are all CNC machined. The Speed Pro Hypereutectic pistons are a good choice where you do not need the absolute strength of a forged piston, but where you still want a step up in performance over a stock piston, at an economical price.

For more piston information, specifications, and pricing, click on the links below for the engine model pistons you are interested in. If you do not see the listing for your engine, please contact us and we will be happy to provide info and a price quote ASAP. We offer the entire line of pistons from Speed Pro, Sealed Power and TRW. We are working to get all of the listing on our website, but at this time we have far more available than has been loaded onto our website.

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You may also want to try using the below search tools to find the TRW Automotive / TRW Auto / Speed Pro pistons you are looking for. We have had good success with these, especially when looking for out of stock piston sets.







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