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Dodge Neon Plymouth Neon Mopar Performance High Performance Parts

Dodge Neon and Plymouth Neon cars are enjoyable cars just as the come from Mopar. If you want more power, better handling and more all around performance from your Neon, we can help. Welcome to our Dodge and Plymouth Neon parts page. We are happy to assist our Plymouth and Dodge Neon customers with a wide range of Neon High Performance parts.

More and more people are finding out what a fun and easy car to modify the Neon is. The Neon engine has been available in SOHC and DOHC versions, as well as naturally aspirated and turbocharged. In addition to the base Neon, we have parts for the SRT-4, ACR and Neon R/T. More new parts are becoming available for the Neon all the time. If you do not see what you want, please contact us and we will do our best to help you get the parts you want.

The majority of the engine parts listed here work with other vehicles using the 420A engine. These include:

  • 1995-1999 Dodge Avenger 2.0L DOHC
  • 1995-1999 Dodge Stratus 2.0L SOHC
  • 1996-2000 Plymouth Breeze 2.0L SOHC
  • 1995-1999 Chrysler Sebring 2.0L DOHC
  • 1995-1998 Eagle Talon 2.0L DOHC
  • 2003-2005 Dodge SX 2.0 SOHC


Mopar Dodge Neon Performance Parts

Plymouth Chrysler Mopar Dodge Neon Pistons 420A Engine Pistons

In addition to the pistons listed below, we also offer custom Dodge Neon Pistons and Plymouth Neon custom forged pistons for special applications, big nitrous systems, or high boost supercharged and turbo charged applications, as well as higher compression naturally aspirated pistons. For more info on custom pistons please contact us with your needs and we will be happy to help.


Wiseco Dodge Neon Forged Pistons Logo

Wiseco Plymouth Dodge Neon 2.0 L SOHC DOHC Forged Piston and Ring Sets

  • part numbers listed below are for sets including pistons, pins, locks and piston rings
  • skirt coatings included standard
  • can be used with nitrous or the 8.8-1 compression sets with turbochargers / superchargers
  • valve pockets work with oversize valves and high lift camshafts
  • pistons listed below will work with SOHC or DOHC engines
  • for use with Rod length of 5.472 in.
  • crankshaft stroke 3.268 in.
  • piston pin size is .827 in.
  • compression based on head chamber volume of 52cc
  • stock standard bore size is 87.50mm / 3.445 in.
  • work great with the Eagle H Beam rods listed on this page
Part # Bore CH Volume Comp. Weight
K580M875 87.50mm 3.445 in. std 1.236 -5cc 8.8-1 331 g
K580M88 88mm 3.464 in. .020 over 1.236 -5cc 8.8-1 339 g
K580M885 88.50mm 3.484 in. .040 over 1.236 -5cc 8.8-1 347 g
K581M875 87.50mm 3.445 in.  std. 1.236 +5 cc 10.5-1 334 g
K581M88 88mm 3.464 in .  020 over. 1.236 +5 cc 10.5-1 341 g
K581M885 88.50mm 3.484 in..040 over 1.236 +5 cc 10.5-1 349 g


CP Pistons Dodge Neon SRT4 Pistons

CP Dodge Neon SRT-4 Pistons

Neon SRT4 Pistons

  • Bore Size Cylinder bore size piston is designed to work in, listed in inches and millimeters
  • Relative Size Denotes whether this bore size is stock standard size, or an oversize listed in millimeters
  • CR Compression Ratio
  • Crankshaft Stroke Designed to work with stock crank stroke of 101mm
  • Connecting Rod Length Designed to work with stock rod length of 151mm
  • Wrist Pin Diameter 22mm
  • Compression Height 1.400 inches This is the distance from the centerline of the wrist pin bore to the top flat surface of the piston.
  • Ring Widths Ring grooves are machined to work with 1.0mm, 1.2mm, 2.8mm rings
  • WHAT’S INCLUDED 4 forged pistons, 4 Wrist Pins, pin retention locks and premium piston ring set


C.H. Compression Piston Set
3.445 87.5 STD 101 151 1.400 8.5 SC7500
3.465 88 +0.5mm 101 151 1.400 8.5 SC7501
3.484 88.5 +1.0mm 101 151 1.400 8.5 SC7502
3.445 87.5 STD 101 151 1.400 9 SC7503
3.465 88 +0.5mm 101 151 1.400 9 SC7504
3.484 88.5 +1.0mm 101 151 1.400 9 SC7505


Speed Pro Sealed Power High Performance Dodge Neon Pistons

Sealed Power offers an excellent high quality, high performance, hypereutectic piston set, with DurOshield friction reducing material included on the skirts. The skirt coating reduces friction and wear, for longer life and more power. These are available for both the SOHC and the DOHC engines. The stock bore size is 3.4449" (87.5mm). Wrist pins are included with the pistons.

Dodge Neon SOHC Piston Set

The ring grooves are 1.20mm, 1.20mm and 3.00mm. The compression height, ch, for both sets is 1.225". The piston pin diameter is .8271", which is the same as stock. These pistons are for use with stock rods only!

These Sealed Power piston sets include the wrist pins.

Note: .50mm oversize = .020" .75mm oversize = .030" 1.00mm oversize = .040" oversize

Neon Piston Set Part #
& oversizes in mm
Engine Model Years Piston Top Matching HP Moly
Piston Ring Set Part #
H852CP std. bore 2.0L SOHC 1995-2004 Flat Top E901K std.
H852CP .50mm over 2.0L SOHC 1995-2004 Flat Top E901K 50mm
H852CP .75mm over 2.0L SOHC 1995-2004 Flat Top E901K 75mm
H852CP 1.00mm over 2.0L SOHC 1995-2004 Flat Top E901K 100mm
The below listed pistons are for the DOHC engine, or they can be used in a SOHC engine when you want more compression than the standard SOHC pistons provide.
H853CP std bore 2.0L DOHC 1995-1999 Dome Top w/ 4 valve reliefs E901K std.
H853CP .50mm over 2.0L DOHC 1995-1999 Dome Top w/ 4 valve reliefs E901K 50mm
H853CP .75mm over 2.0L DOHC 1995-1999 Dome Top w/ 4 valve reliefs E901K 75mm
H853CP 1.00mm over 2.0L DOHC 1995-1999 Dome Top w/ 4 valve reliefs E901K 100mm

Keith Black Neon Pistons



2-1.2mm 1-3.0mm

Head vol.-48cc Comp.ratio 10.4

Available oversizes:
Std.,.5mm, .75mm, 1.0mm

Flat Top +0cc Keith Black Neon Piston

The KB pistons listed above can be used with a stock connecting rod, or the Neon Eagle rods listed below.

Eagle Neon H Beam Connecting Rods

Dodge Neon Plymouth Neon Eagle H Beam Connecting Rods

Now a ultra high performance connecting rod is available for the Neon engines, at a reasonable price. These rods are forged from 4340 grade steel and are of the H beam design for high strength at a reasonable weight. There are several different sets available, depending on which engine you have and what rod length you want.

Neon H beam Eagle connecting rods feature:

  • Standard and Longer than stock length rods
  • 3-D design offers the advantages of reduced weight without sacrificing strength
  • 2 piece forging for increased strength
  • Installation instructions, torque specs and bolt lubricant included
  • Eagle Connecting Rods come with ARP 8740 Capscrews Standard, ARP 2000 and ARP L-19 bolts optional on many models
  • Silicon bronze bushings for floating piston pins
  • Multi-stage heat treated
  • Packaged in weight matched sets
  • Certified 4340 steel, vacuum degassed to remove impurities
  • Each forging is X-rayed, sonic tested and magnafluxed to insure quality
  • Shot peened to stress relieve the metal
  • Precision Alignment Sleeves positively locate the rod cap, maintaining big end bore size and eliminating cap walk.

Dodge Neon Eagle H-beam Connecting Rods


part no. length notes and options
CRS5472N3D 5.472"

Dodge Neon SOHC & DOHC, 3/8" ARP 2000 bolts, These come equipped with ARP 2000 series 3/8" rod bolts. They are the stock length of 5.472" and weigh 535 grams. They are for the stock crank pin size of 1.889" with a piston pin diameter of .826". The big end of the rod is 1.032" wide. Sold as a set of 4 rods.

CRS5608N3D 5.608"

Dodge Neon SOHC & DOHC, long rod (+.136"), Same as above but with a longer center to center rod length of 5.608"

CRS5608N3DCA 5.608"

Extreme Duty Dodge Neon SOHC & DOHC, long rod (+.136") Featuring ARP Custom Age 625+ bolts

CRS5945D3D 5.945"

Dodge Neon SRT-4, PT Cruiser 2.4L "EDZ" This set also comes equipped with ARP 2000 series 5/16" rod bolts. They are stock length of 5.945" long and weigh 575 grams. They are for the stock crank pin size of 1.889" with a piston pin diameter of .826". The big end of the rod is 1.032" wide. Sold as a set of 4.

Mopar Plymouth Dodge Neon Engine Bearings

Clevite 77 Tri-metal High Performance Neon Main and Rod bearings. These bearings can also be used as an upgrade in stock type rebuilds.

420A Engine Neon 2.0L Main Bearing Sets

Part # Size Application *
cle ms2028p standard 1996-2005 2.0L SOHC
1996-1999 2.0L DOHC
cle ms2028p25 .25mm undersize 1996-2005 2.0L SOHC
1996-1999 2.0L DOHC
cle ms2028p50 .50mm undersize 1996-2005 2.0L SOHC
1996-1999 2.0L DOHC

*note the above 2028P series main bearings can be used in 1995 engines but may require that the main bearing caps be re-notched to match the position of the locating lug in the lower main bearing half. The new notch should be .106" to .111" wide and located .327" from the existing notch in the cap. This should be done using proper equipment and accepted practices.

420A Engine Neon 2.0L Connecting Rod Bearing Sets

Part # Size Application
cle cb1635p standard 1996-2005 2.0L SOHC
1996-1999 2.0L DOHC
cle cb1635p25 .25mm undersize 1996-2005 2.0L SOHC
1996-1999 2.0L DOHC
cle cb1635p50 .50mm undersize 1996-2005 2.0L SOHC
1996-1999 2.0L DOHC


Rear Tension Strut Kit

Rear tension struts feature a high durometer bushing material designed for heavy duty and competition use. The revised design results in improved toe stability, reduced bump steer, which virtually eliminated rear wheel hop under heavy braking. Provides more positive suspension control for improved driver feedback and dynamic stability.

p4510826 rear tension strut kit, includes left and right for 2000-05 Neon and 2003-05 SRT4

Strut Tower Braces

Stop body flex and improve handling. When the body is more rigid, the suspension is better able to control the vehicle and suspension tuning gives more improvements since the body is not flexing making suspension tuning even harder. Available in steel and titanium for front and rear.

p4510543 Steel strut tower brace, front, 2003-05 SRT4
p4510876 Steel strut tower brace, rear, 2003-05 SRT4
p4510874 titanium strut tower brace, front, 03-05 SRT4
p4510875 titanium strut tower brace, rear, 03-05 SRT4

Stage 1 Suspension Components - Performance Springs

These heavy duty performance springs are designed for sporty handling combined with a comfortable ride. They provide a 25mm from the stock ride height.

p4510458 2003-04 SRT-4 Stage 1 Performance Springs, Front and Rear
p4510460 2000-04 Neon Stage 1 Performance Springs, Front and Rear

Blow-Off Valve Conversion Kit

The Mopar Performance Blow Off Valve Conversion Kit maximizes the function of your vehicle's turbo system by venting excess, hot compressed air into the atmosphere, thereby reducing your intake air temperature. This kit adds a vent to the shock blow off valve and creates a unique turbo sound for your PT Turbo.

p4510548 Blow-Off Valve Conversion Kit anodized, Anodized blue
Engineered exclusively for Neon, this camshaft was developed for power while maintaining reliability and idle quality. Use with valve springs P5249846.
p5007030 95-99 SOHC 6 HP INCREASE
p5249846 ALL 2.0 SOHC (price for 1 valvespring)
p4876636 ALL 2.0 DOHC (price for 1 valvespring)
p5007027 Front perf. Mount 95/99 ALL
p5007033 1995 SOHC manual trans
p5007035 1996 SOHC manual trans
p5007037 1997/99 SOHC manual trans
p5007034 1995 DOHC manual trans
p5007036 1996 DOHC manual trans
p5007038 1997/99 DOHC manual trans
p5007269 ACR strut adjuster knob
p5007028 engine bobble strut ALL
p5007276 95/99 SHOC/DOHC
p5007314 95/99 ACR hub and bearing
p5007507 SOHC oversize intake valves
p5007508 SOHC oversize exhaust valves
p5007278 2.0 OR 2.4 engines


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