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WMX Racer Lindsey Scheltema WMX #28 WarhawkMX Race Team

2010 WMX Season Race 3 Report: Thunder Valley National

lindsey scheltema gets ready for the start
Photos courtesy of Carl Stone

Thunder Valley is now in the record books! What a fun weekend. I always love coming to Thunder Valley. The track and I always seem to get along; I love the layout, scenery, driving, and with my family along it’s always a good, adventurous time. We showed up Friday morning, set up camp at the track, and brought the bike through tech inspection. Afterwards we decided to hit the mountains and go to Mt. Evans- the largest, highest paved road in America. It certainly was a trip! A lot of fun, and many pictures later we were heading back down the mountain to head to dinner. After that, we went back to the trailer to retire early and get prepared for race day!

Saturday, race day. We woke up and the sun was shining. It was absolutely beautiful out; couldn’t have asked for a more perfect day! 1st practice went awesome, I felt comfortable, loved the track, my bike was running a little bit slower, but I anticipated that from previous years of racing here. It was awesome. 2nd practice, I felt a little off, things weren’t flowing as well as the first practice, and I was feeling a bit fuzzy headed, so I decided to rest up a little bit before my moto.

warhawkmx motocross racer lindsey scheltemaWell, my rest turned into becoming a LONG nap! I could not believe it! I passed out! I frantically look at the time, 2:20! We were supposed to be in staging! I rushed around, trying to get dressed and ready to race as quickly as I could, while my dad was outside getting my bike together. We rushed off to the staging area but we were too late. In return for being late, I got the last gate pick. Everything turned out working for the best, I think since I was “in a panic” I didn’t have time for nerves or anxiety because I was so upset about being late! I picked the most inside gate. I was feeling confident about my starts after practice, so I decided to give it a shot. I ended up getting a top 10 start, and was feeling incredible! My bike was handling the track perfectly, and for that I have to thank Bobby Fitch (ART Suspension) who spent many hours tearing apart and fixing my entire bike Thursday night! The first half of the moto I was running in about 8th/ 9th place, and definitely feeling better and stronger as the laps went on. About halfway, my front end washed out right before the finish line! I kept my bike running, only lost a couple of spots, and kept charging. I worked passed a couple of those girls again, and ended moto one with a solid 13th place finish.

I was excited with my finish, and was looking forward to my second moto. About an hour from our moto, I looked into the distance and saw nothing but darkness. It was insane, you could look one way and the sun would be shinning bright, and then turn 180 degrees and it looked like black night. The storm was heading our way. As the 250’s were heading out, we started gearing up and getting everything ready, getting the umbrellas and raincoats, and making sure to double check everything and bring extra tearoffs. We headed up to staging and watched the storm heading closer our way. The wind had definitely picked up; it was coming closer, very fast. Nonetheless, we still line up on the gate. The 250’s were done racing, and were waiting to go on our sight lap. Then all the women are called off their bikes for an emergency meeting. We are told that there was a gnarly storm headed our way so we needed to return to our pits and wait for the storm to pass, but we needed to be ready to be called up when it’s done. I couldn’t believe it!

We all headed back to our pits and sure enough, about 15 minutes later we were called back to the line. Right when the rain started coming down. As we lined up again, the rain picked up even more, our parade lap was a mess! I’m sure no one could see anything, I sure couldn’t! I just wanted to get around and get back to the line so we could race! We lined up, the gate dropped, and my start was not like the first one. I was late mid pack, but that sure was not going to stop me! I was charging- We were dodging the rain, mud, bikes, girls, flags, it was so awesome! I ended up 2nd moto 14th. Considering my start, I was happy with how the race went, I charged hard, stayed up, and didn’t crash.

lindsey scheltema 2010 Thunder Valley Moto 2 stormy weather
Photos courtesy of Carl Stone

After the moto, we cleaned up camp, packed up, and started the long 19 hour journey home. My parents were troopers. I’m so thankful for my family for coming with me and supporting me. They went through so much work to get me out there and I can’t thank them enough; also Burrito and everyone behind Warhawk MX. I really appreciate the help, love, and support I am getting. This is one sport you cannot do on your own.

This week is RED BUD! I am so excited; it is my home track and also my favorite outdoor track! Look for an update next week! Hope you all have a great week!

Lindsey Scheltema WMX #28

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2010 WMX All Race Results and Season Points Standings Page


2010 WMA WMX Race Results Round 3 Thunder Valley National

1 2 Jessica Patterson Tallahassee, FL Yamaha YZ250F 1 1 50 Yamaha/Star Racing/Division 7/DNA Shred Stix
2 1 Ashley Fiolek St. Augustine, FL Honda CRF250R 5 2 38 Honda Red Bull Racing
3 4 Sara Price Canyon Lake, CA Kawasaki KX250F 2 6 37 Monster Energy Kawasaki
4 10 Jacqueline Strong Sedona, AZ Yamaha YZ250F 3 5 36 Schakemoto/Fox Racing/Strong Cryogenics
5 7 Sarah Whitmore Cheboygan, MI KTM 250 SX-F 6 4 33 None Listed
6 6 Vicki Golden Temecula, CA Yamaha YZ250F 9 3 32 Self
7 18 Tarah Geiger Winter Garden, FL Honda CRF250R 4 7 32 Self
8 54 Alexah Pearson Rocklin, CA Yamaha YZ 250F 8 8 26 Rock River Powersports
9 8 Mariana Balbi Murrieta, CA Yamaha YZ250F 7 13 22 None Listed
10 51 Erica Cook Natalia, TX Yamaha YZ250F 12 9 21 Self
11 12 Tatum Sik Murrieta, CA Yamaha YZ250F 10 12 20 Warthog Racing/Pant Saggin Dezigns/Pro-Tec
12 551 Kim Irmgartz   Kawasaki KX250F 15 10 17 Self
13 9 Penni Cyrus Queen Creek, AZ Kawasaki KX250F 14 11 17 Self
14 28 Lindsey Scheltema Byron Center, MI Kawasaki KX250F 13 14 15 Warhawk MX/Smith/Fox Racing
15 15 Sayaka Kaneshiro Torrance, CA Suzuki RM-Z250 11 26 10 Self
16 30 Lindsey Palmer Conifer, CO Honda CRF250R 18 16 8 Autoflex
17 20 Hailey Larson Mill Valley, CA Yamaha YZ250F 27 15 6 Self
18 17 Jackie Ives Exeter, CA Yamaha YZ250F 16 20 6 D&E Yamaha,/DT1 Airfilter,/Pro Star,
19 13 Ashley Boham Loveland, CO Kawasaki KX250F 24 17 4 Self
20 19 Nicole Madsen Taft, CA Yamaha YZ250F 17 25 4 Self
21 22 Julie Anne Parizek Willington, CT Kawasaki KX250F 21 18 3 Cyr Racing
22 37 Christina Reed Morrison, CO Yamaha YZ250F 20 19 3 Self
23 60 Shelbie Brittain Rockwall, TX Kawasaki KX250F 19 21 2 JM Racing/Scott USA/Granbury Motorsports
24 24 Tressa Rau Sidney, MT Honda CRF250R 22 22 0 Rau Designs,/Mondak Motorsports/Jerry Z Repair
25 35 Lauren Volentir Thornton, CO Kawasaki KX250F 25 23 0 Self
26 49 Jenica Paulsen Camdenton, MO Yamaha YZ250F 26 24 0 Self
27 57 Denaye Giroux Yorkton, SK Yamaha YZ250F 23 27 0 Schrader's Yamaha
28 55 Taryn Covington Magnolia, AR Honda CRF250R 28 28 0 CFC Racing/Scott USA/Fly Racing/EVS/FMF


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