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Eagle crankshafts are available for both the low deck, B Mopar engine and the high deck, RB Mopar engines. These forged stock stroke, and stroker cranks are for use in the Dodge, Plymouth, Chrysler, Mopar big block engines including the 361, 383, 400, 413, 426W and 440, as well as stroker engines built off of these base engines. All Eagle cranks for the big block Mopar engines are made of 4340 grade steel and are a non-twist forging.



Eagle crankshafts Mopar big block forged crank

Eagle crankshafts are 100% x-ray, magnafluxed and sonic tested, stress relieved and shot peened. Eagle cranks also have a .125" radius on rod and main journals for improved strength. Chamfered bearings must be used to clear the journal radius.

An Eagle crankshaft is a great choice for your Mopar big block engine project, whether you are restoring a Mopar muscle car, or building an all out race car, Eagle cranks offer a strong, dependable forged crankshaft, for a stock stroke or stroker engine build up.

We also offer connecting rods, pistons, rings, bearings and complete rotating assemblies, individually tailored to your specific needs. We also offer balancing for an additional charge, if you prefer that the crankshafts or rotating assemblies be balanced before shipping out to you.

Chrysler Plymouth Mopar Dodge 361 383 400 Eagle B engine Stroker Crank

Part no. Stroke Rear flange Bobweight* Notes
eagle 440041506760 4.150" 6 bolt 2550 6.760" min. rod length
eagle 440241506760 4.150 8 bolt 2550 6.760" min. rod length

Mopar RB Engine 413 426 Wedge 426 Hemi 440 Forged Eagle Stock Stroke and Stroker Crankshafts

Part no. Stroke Rear flange Bobweight* Notes
eagle 444037506760 3.750" 6 bolt 2550 6.760" min. rod length
eagle 444237506760 3.750" 8 bolt 2550 6.760" min. rod length
eagle 444041506760 4.150" 6 bolt 2550 6.760" min. rod length
eagle 444241506760 4.150" 8 bolt 2550 6.760" min. rod length
eagle 444242507100 4.250" 8 bolt 2500 7.100" min. rod length, 2.200" rod journals
eagle 444243757100 4.375" 8 bolt 2500 7.100" min. rod length, 2.200" rod journals

All of the above Mopar Eagle crankshafts are designed for internal balance without use of heavy metal.

*The Eagle crankshaft bobweight listed in the tables above refers to the "target" bobweight for each crank listed. You must have these Eagle cranks balanced to work with the rest of your rotating assembly before installation in your engine.

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