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Chevy 302 Rods Molnar Technologies and K1 Technologies Chevy 302 Connecting Rod Sets

We are proud to sell top quality Chevy 302 H beam connecting rods and I Beam rods from Molnar Technologies and K1 Technologies. Molnar and K1 Tech both produce extremely strong, precisely machined, forged I beam and 4340 billet H beam 302 connecting rod sets at reasonable prices. These 302 Chevy rods are machined to very close tolerances and are far stronger than the original equipment rods.

These H beam and I beam Chevrolet 302 connecting rods are designed for superior strength and durability. Our Chevy 302 rods all include ARP2000 bolts. All of these 302 rods are bushed for use with full floating piston pins. These 302 conrods are ideal for  a wide variety of applications such as muscle car rebuild projects, hot rods, nostalgia dragsters, supercharged, or turbocharged Chevy 302 engines, drag racing, road racing and more.


Chevy 302 Rods 4340 Steel H Beam Rods

Molnar Technologies 302 Chevy Connecting Rods

Molnar Technologies Rods Logo

molnar Chevy 302 h beam connecting rod

Molnar Technologies H Beam 302 rods are machined from billet 4340 steel, and then heat treated to provide improved strength. To make the rods even stronger, they are shot peened to which also increases fatigue life. All Molnar connecting rods are fitted with highly durable premium bronze bushings for use with floating pin type pistons. Each rod set includes ARP fasteners, moly lubricant and installation guidelines.

All Molnar rods are finished in the United States at the Molnar Technologies shop in Michigan. Critical rod dimensions are are held to very precise tolerances of +/- .0001 of an inch, which is the tightest tolerance you will find in the performance and racing aftermarket.

  • Description and Length Engine model that rod is made to for and length of the rod, as measured center to center, in inches.
  • Weight Weight in grams, of one complete connecting rod assembly
  • Bolt Size Bolt dimensions in inches, Rods come with ARP2000 fasteners installed
  • Rod Pin Size Crank rod journal diameter
  • Pin Size Piston pin diameter, in inches
  • BE Width Width of the crankshaft end of one rod
  • PE Width Width of the piston end of one rod
  • Part Number Molnar Technologies rod set part number. Set includes 8 connecting rods
Description and Length Weight Bolt Size Rod Pin Size Pin Size BE Width PE Width Part Number
5.700 302 Large Journal 605 7/16 2.100 0.927 0.940 1.010 CH5700NLB8-A

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K1 Technologies Chevy 302 Connecting Rods 302 Conrods Image

K1 Technologies 4340 H beam steel billet 302 connecting rods are the best all around connecting rod value on the market. K1 Technologies rods are held to some of the tightest tolerances in the industry. With K1, you get top quality H beam style, 4340 BILLET rods, that are weight matched to plus/minus 1 gram per end from the factory. The center to center length tolerance is held to +/- .001" and the bores are machined to +/- .0001".  Compare these specs to other rods on the market and then make your decision, buy the best, buy K1.

302 Chevy Connecting Rods 302 Z28 Rod image

K1 Tech Chevy 302 Connecting Rod Set Specifications

Chevy 302 Connecting Rods K1 Technologies 302 Chevrolet Rods

  • What Is Included These rod sets come complete with rod bolts, installation instructions and ARP moly lube
  • Journal Size Some sets available in large or small journal, be sure you choose the set that matches your crankshafts rod journal size. The early 302 Chevy engines where small journal and the later ones where large journal. It is best to measure your crankshaft directly if you are not sure of which size you need.
  • Length All of these rod sets are 5.700" center to center length
  • Pin Size All of these 302 Chevy rod sets are for use with a .927" piston pin size
  • Bolt Type Most sets available with either ARP 8740 or ARP 2000 bolts. ARP8740 are good all around general use quality, but they must be replaced at each rebuild. ARP2000 are even stronger, and can be re-used as long as they have not been subject to damage. The ARP2000 are slightly more expensive initially, but save you money in the long run since they do not have to be replaced each time you disassemble your engine.
  • Bronze bushings, all 302 Chevy rod sets listed here are bushed for use with a floating pin
  • These rods are a great match for the Wiseco 302 Chevy forged pistons
Description rod journal housing bore bolt size and type wt part #

K1 Technologies Chevrolet 302 Forged I Beam Connecting Rods

302 Chevy stock length forged I beam rods with ARP8740 bolts, stock pin size, large journal 2.100 2.225 3/8 8740 591g

k1 cf5700allb8-s


302 Chevy stock length forged I beam rods with ARP200 bolts, stock pin size, large journal 2.100 2.225 3/8 2000 591g

k1 cf5700allb8-a


K1 Technologies Chevrolet 302 4340 Billet H Beam Rods

302 Chevy stock length Billet steel H beam con rods with ARP2000 bolts, stock pin size, large journal 302 connecting rods 2.100 2.225 7/16 2000 622

k1 ch5700allb8-a

$666.04 $665.97

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302 Chevy stock length Lightweight Billet steel H beam rods with ARP2000 bolts, stock pin size, large journal 2.100 2.225 3/8 2000 492

k1 ch5700allb-l8-a

$666.04 $665.97

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302 Chevy stock length Billet steel H beam rods with ARP2000 bolts, stock pin size, small journal 2.000 2.125 7/16 2000 630

k1 ch5700ahlb8-a

Sold out, discontinued by K1

Replaced by Molnar Technologies rods with same specs:


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If you are building a hard running Chevy 302 engine, why risk using lesser quality rods in your project? K1 Technologies 302 rods are a great value, you get a premium top quality, high performance racing rod, at a great price.


About K1 Technologies

K1 Technologies is dedicated to providing world class "energy transfer technology" at an affordable price. K1 uses its wealth of knowledge, and real world experience, to produce top quality connecting rods and crankshafts at an affordable price.

In addition to connecting rods, K1 Technologies manufactures 4340 forged and billet crankshafts and stroker cranks in a variety of stroke lengths. You may view the full line of K1 Technologies products by clicking on this link: K1 Technologies High Performance and Racing Crankshafts Connecting Rods and Engine Parts

We also sell a wide variety of Chevy 302 pistons to go with the K1 rods and crankshafts including Wiseco forged pistons and others in several different types, supercharged and turbocharged pistons, nitrous pistons, stroker pistons, custom pistons, etc. as well as piston rings, bearings, etc. If you can not find the Chevrolet 302 engine parts you need, or if you have questions, please e-mail us , call, or use our online chat system and let us know what you need, and we will be happy to help.



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