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Ford 2.3 Pistons Ross Racing Pistons Ford 2.0 Pistons

Ross Ford 2.0 Piston Ford 2.3 Piston Picture

Ford 2000 cc 2300 cc 2.0 L 2.3 L Forged Flat Top Pistons


Ross Racing Pistons offers a variety of Ford and Mercury 2.0 pistons and 2.3 pistons. The 2.0 engine originally powered the Ford Pinto. In 1974 the 2.0 was replaced by the 2.3 which remained in production until 1997. These engines are very popular for 4 cylinder oval track and road racing as well as drag racing and high performance street cars.


Ross Racing Pistons produces both stocking and custom Ford 2000 and Ford 2300 piston sets. If you do not see the exact piston specs you want in a stocking piston, we will be happy to help you with a custom piston set. Ford 2.0 and 2.3 custom pistons can be made for just about any type of engine. Please visit our custom piston page for more info. We offer discounted pricing, even on custom pistons.



ross ford 2.0 forged flat top piston 2.3 forged piston image

Ross Ford 2.0 L Pistons and 2.3 L Pistons and Piston Sets

Ross Ford 2.0 pistons and 2.3 pistons include forced pin oilers and double spirolox on all of their stocking pistons. Pistons are weight matched before packaging. You can buy stocking part number replacement pistons one at a time as needed. The valve pockets are designed to handle most camshaft applications. The skirt design allows the pistons to work properly under intense heat and tremendous side loads without scuffing or splitting cylinder walls.All ROSS stocking pistons include high quality pins that can be used in full floating or press fit rod applications.

ROSS Racing Pistons are used in Ford and Mercury high performance and racing engines by knowledgeable engine builders the world over. They combine light weight, high strength, precision machining and premium materials to build a piston you can depend on for high horsepower, torque and reliability. Buy the best Ross Racing Pistons Ford 2.0 pistons and 2.3 pistons here. We offer great customer service, technical support and reasonable prices.

Ross Shelf Stocking Ford 2.0 and 2.3 Piston Set List and Specifications

Ross Racing Pistons Ford 2000 cc ( 122 cid ) and 2300 cc ( 144 cid ) Forged Piston Set Notes

  • For use in naturally aspirated applications
  • Flat top with 2 valve reliefs
  • Can be used with small nitrous systems
  • Set includes 4 pistons, 4 straight wall 5115 series piston pins, and pin retention lock rings
  • Part numbers 80177, 80175, and 81175 also include oil ring support rails
  • Sets 80005 and 80177 use 1/16, 1/16, 1/8 ring grooves, all others use 1/16, 1/16,3/16
  • CH=Compression Height
  • Wt-Weight of piston in grams
  • Stock Ford Pinto 2.0 2000cc cylinder bore size is 3.578
  • Stock Ford 2.3 2300cc Cylinder bore size is 3.780
Ross Ford 122 ci 2.0 and 140 ci 2.3 Forged Piston Sets
Make Bore Stroke Rod
CH Pin
Wt. Part #
2000 3.605 3.030 4.990 1.653 .944 382

ross 80005

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2000 3.605 3.030 5.700 .943 .927 276

ross 80177

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2000 3.625 3.030 4.990 1.653 .944 387

ross 82005

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2300 3.799 3.130 5.201 1.585 .912 419

ross 82125

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2300 3.811 3.130 5.201 1.585 .912 432

ross 80125

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2300 3.811 3.130 5.700 1.086 .927 352

ross 80175

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2300 3.821 3.130 5.201 1.585 .912 427

ross 81125

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2300 3.821 3.130 5.700 1.086 .927 342

ross 81175

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Connecting Rods for 2000 and 2300 Engines

Ford 2000 2300 Connecting Rod

We sell K1 Technologies, Manley and Eagle connecting rods for these engines. Click here for Ford 2000 - 2300 connecting rods. If you do not see the rods you want, please contact us and we will be happy to help. We have far more available than what is listed on our website.

We also sell piston rings, bearings, valves and valvetrain parts, gaskets and more to fit the 2.0 and 2.3. We do not have them listed on our website yet though so please contact us for assistance with any of these items.



Click to view the complete catalog of Ross Forged Pistons


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