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Diamond Pistons High Performance Forged Diamond Racing Pistons

Diamond Pistons

Diamond Pistons are high quality racing engine parts which have been in production since 1968. In the early 1970s the manufacture of forged racing pistons, became the mainstay of the Diamond racing product line. The Diamond product line includes a wide variety of products which are the preferred choice for many of the most prominent engine builders around the world. They are used in many different brands of high performance and racing engines covering many different types of competition. Diamond Racing Pistons are produced on state of the art machining equipment run by skilled machinist to insure the ultimate in performance and reliability.

Diamond piston sets are available for a wide range of engines, in both shelf stocking and custom made sets. Diamond manufacturers top quality high performance and racing forged pistons, as well as 8620 piston pins, 4130 chrome moly pins, H-13 steel high impact pins and 9310 alloy endurance racing wrist pins.

Diamond pistons are great for high performance street cars, drag racing, circle track racing, road racing, endurance racing, off road racing engines, marine engines and more. Sets are available for normally aspirated, turbo charged, supercharged and nitrous boosted engines. If you do not see the application you need listed in our online catalog, please contact us for assistance.

Diamond racing piston

We are pleased to offer the entire line of Diamond forged pistons and Diamond Piston Rings to our customers. Diamond Racing Pistons are available for use in many different engine models and applications. You may click on the below links for more specific information on the pistons for your exact engine.

Diamond Pistons Catalog


  • Buick V6 - 231 Forced Induction Dish Top
  • Buick V6 3800 Series Forced Induction Dish Top


Chevy LS1

  • Street/Strip Flat Top
  • Ls7 Street/Strip Flat Top
  • Inboard Forging Race Flat Top
  • L92 Street/Strip Flat Top
  • L92 Street/Strip Dish
  • Ls7 Street/Strip Dish
  • Street/Strip Dish
  • Inboard Forging Race Dish
  • High Compression Dome
  • Nitrous Dome

Chevy Small Block

  • Ultralite Flat Top
  • Prolite Flat Top
  • Street/Strip Flat Top
  • Sbc 305 Flat Top
  • Sbc 17°/18° Flat Top
  • Sbc 17°/18° Dome
  • D-Shaped Dish
  • Turbo/Blower Dish
  • Street/Strip - 23° Dome
  • Race Dome
  • Brodix-12 Dome
  • Brodix 11x/Rhs Dome
  • Nitrous Dome
  • Sprint Car Dome
  • Sbc All Pro 13° Dome

Chevy Big Block

  • Street/Strip Flat Top
  • Forced Induction Dish
  • Street Series Dome
  • Nitrous Dome
  • Big Chief/Big Duke 18° Dome
  • Pro-Filer "Hitman" 12° Dome
  • Pro 3d Dome - 24°/26° Dome
  • Gm Performance Dome
  • Edelbrock Victor Dome

Chevy Big Block Marine Engine Pistons

  • 502 Marine Dome
  • 454 Marine Dome
  • 81 Liter Marine Flat Top



GM Ecotec Saturn Ecotec 2.2 Liter Ecotec



Ford 2300 4 Cylinder

Ford MOD Motor

Ford Small Block 

  • Street/Strip Flat Top
  • Twisted Wedge-Race Flat Top
  • Prolite NMRA Flat Top
  • Boss 302/351 C Flat Top
  • Forced Induction Dish
  • Twisted Wedge Dish
  • 351 C Stroker Dish
  • Street/Strip Dome
  • Twisted Wedge Dome
  • Boss 302/351 C Street/Strip Dome

Ford FE Series Big Block

Ford Big Block 385 Series 429 - 460

  • 429 - 460 Flat Top
  • 429 - 460 Flat Top with Kaase Heads
  • 429 - 460 Flat Top with Ford Motorsport Heads
  • 429 460 Race Series C-460
  • 429 - 460 Blue Thunder THOR
  • 429 - 460 Dish Top
  • 429 - 460 Dish Top with Kaase Heads
  • 429 - 460 Dome Top Race Series Motorsport A & B Heads

Ford Big Block Boss 429

  • Restoration/Race Flat Top Or Dome




SBM Modern Hemi 5.7 L and 6.1 L

  • 5.7 Hemi and 6.1 Hemi Stroker Pistons


  • Street/Strip Flat Top
  • Street/Strip Dish
  • High Compression Dome
  • High Compression Edelbrock Dome

Mopar 426 Hemi


We look forward to assisting your order or with any questions you may have about Diamond Pistons products.

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