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Ross Ford Flathead Pistons Mercury & Ford Flathead Stroker Pistons and Ring Kits



Ross Ford and Mercury Flathead pistons are faithful reproductions of Art Sparks' original forged flathead Ford piston design. We have forged Flathead pistons available for Ford and Mercury stock stroke crankshafts as well as stroker flat head crankshafts. These pistons are machined on special ROSS flat head forgings for maximum strength, durability and minimum weight. Ross Ford flathead and Mercury flathead pistons are balanced to plus or minus 2.5 grams throughout the complete set.

If needed you can buy replacement pistons one at a time as needed. The unique skirt design allows the pistons to work properly under intense heat and high side loads without scuffing or splitting cylinder walls. Most normally aspirated pistons are designed to operate at .004 piston skirt to cylinder wall clearance.



Ross Forged Mercury and Ford Flathead Piston and Ring Sets

Ross Ford Flathead Pistons Mercury Flathead Piston set with Rings

Flathead Ford Pistons Flathead Mercury Pistons

The flathead Ford and Mercury engines are making a big comeback and are very popular now in hot rods, street rods and nostalgia drag cars. Start your flathead V8 engine rebuild off right with a set of Ross flathead pistons and piston rings. See the chart below for the wide range of available bore sizes, strokes, and piston ring types. They are available for standard stroke crankshafts, as well as stroker flathead engines. The flathead stroker pistons are available in several sizes. Why spend as much, or more, for antiquated stock type cast replacement pistons, when you can enjoy the numerous advantages of a modern high quality Ross forged piston set in your engine?

Mercury Flathead Ford Flathead Forged Piston and Ring Sets by Ross

Ross Ford and Mercury Flathead Piston Set Specifications

Piston sets include:

  • 8 Forged flathead pistons
  • 8 Piston pins .750 inch diameter weighing 120 grams each
  • Piston ring set Genuine GRANT cast rings 3/32 3/32 5/32. Piston sets noted with a * in the bore column include Ross premium ductile moly top file fit, ring set with 1.5mm, 1.5mm, 3.0mm size rings
  • Spirolox pin retention lock rings
  • Dome height is .187 inch
  • Use with a 7.000" rod length.
  • Can be used with forced induction engines using up to 5 psi boot
  • Can be used with nitrous systems of up to 250 horsepower
  • The top ring land is .280" wide to accommodate relieved engine blocks

OEM Standard bore size was 3.187 inches



Stroke Grams


Part #
Ford 3.187 3.750 289 1.561


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Mercury 3.187 4.000 289 1.436


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Mercury 3.248 * 4.000 327 1.436


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Mercury 3.248 * 4.125 326 1.374


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Ford 3.312 3.750 315 1.561


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Mercury 3.312 4.000 314 1.436


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Mercury 3.312 * 4.000 323 1.436


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Mercury 3.312 4.125 312 1.374


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Mercury 3.312* 4.125 313 1.374


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Ford 3.312* 4.250 320 1.311


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Ford 3.312 4.250 310 1.311


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Ford 3.342 3.750 328 1.561


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Mercury 3.342 4.000 327 1.436


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Mercury 3.342 4.125 329 1.374


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Ford 3.375 3.750 345 1.561


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Mercury 3.375 4.000 345 1.436


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Mercury 3.375* 4.000 359 1.436


Mercury 3.375 4.125 347 1.374


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* this set uses millimeter size ring grooves and comes with a Ross ductile moly top file fit, ring set ring widths are 1.5mm, 1.5mm, 3.0mm


If you do not see the V8 Ford flat head pistons with the specs you need please visit our custom pistons page and we will be glad to assist you with a custom set for your high performance, racing or restoration engine project.



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