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Ultra Case JW Performance 92310 Powerglide Transmission Ultra Case

If you were looking for the TH400 Ultra Case it is located on our site here: Turbo 400 Ultra Case 32310


The Ultra Case is the foundation of the JW Performance Automatic Transmissions Ultra Component product line. The JW Ultracase is a SFI certified transmission case that replaces the weak stock case on Powerglide transmissions. The original stock powerglide case was never intended to handle the horsepower and torque levels of modern high performance and racing engines. In addition, modern racing transmissions run far higher oil pressures than the stock case was designed for. The stock case can deflect, distort and break in modern performance and racing automatic transmissions.




JW Ultra Case SFI Certified Racing Powerglide Transmission Case


JW Performance Powerglide Ultra Case 92310 SFI Transmission Case


Description Part #
Ultra Case Powerglide replacement SFI certified transmission case. jw 92310
$1295.18 $1139.76

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Powerglide Aluminum Deep trans pan SFI approved. Use with ultracase to eliminate the need for any external straps or shields. jw 10660-sfi
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Powerglide JW Ultra-Case High Performance and Racing Powerglide Transmission Case SFI Approved

The all aluminum JW Ultra Case, JW 92310, is the strongest and most rigid foundation available for the Powerglide transmission. Designed to be used with the JW Ultra Bell, the ultra case is loaded with additional benefits such as improved oil passages, adjustable transbrake release, increased material thickness in critical areas, which results in the near elimination of case breakage. It also fits under stock floorpans making it far easier to install in your car, than an external SFI spec trans shield. The JW Ultra-case is SFI certified. The ultracase can be used with the SFI certified deep transmission pan part number jwp 10660-sfi to eliminate the need for any external straps or shields.

JW Performance Automatic Transmission Ultra Case

The Ultra case is a one-piece aluminum casting that replaces the stock powerglide case. The ultra case, when used in conjunction with the JW Performance Transmissions line of Ultrabells, allows the powerglide style transmission, to be easily adapted to use with a wide range of engines. You are not limited to using the powerglide only behind GM engines. With the use of the appropriate Ultra Bell bellhousing, your powerglide automatic transmission can be used with GM, Mopar, Ford and other engine types.




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