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340 Pistons Chrysler Plymouth Dodge Mopar 340 Forged Pistons by Ross Racing Pistons


ROSS Racing 340 piston sets are used in muscle car restorations, high performance and racing engines by serious engine builders the world over. Available here are Plymouth Mopar Dodge 340 forged pistons manufactured by Ross Racing Pistons. The small block Mopar 340 has always been known as a high performance engine. On the street, drag strip, oval track and road racing circuits it has a winning tradition.Ross forged racing pistons are a great choice for cruising or high rpm racing applications.


Ross Mopar 340 Forged Piston Sets Logo

Ross Racing Pistons 340 pistons combine light weight, high strength, precision machining and premium materials. You can depend on Ross forged 340 piston sets for high horsepower, torque and reliability. We offer these superb 340 forged pistons at very affordable prices for stock stroke applications as well as Mopar 340 416 stroker pistons. Buy the best Ross pistons here. We offer great discount pricing, knowledgeable tech assistance and fast shipping.

Ross Racing Pistons offers 340 pistons in both stocking and custom sets. If you do not see the exact piston specs you want in a stocking piston, we will be happy to help you with a custom 340 piston design. Custom 340 pistons can be made for just about any application. Please contact us and we will be happy to assist you. We offer discounted pricing, even on custom pistons.

Ross Mopar Plymouth Dodge 340 Forged Piston

Ross 340 Piston Plymouth Dodge Mopar 340 Forged Piston 340 Stroker Piston image

ROSS 340 piston sets are balanced to plus or minus 2.5 grams throughout the set. The valve pockets are designed to handle most aggressive camshaft applications up to .650 lift. The performance skirt design allows the pistons to work properly under intense heat and tremendous side loads without scuffing or splitting cylinder walls. Most normally aspirated pistons are designed to operate at just .004 piston skirt to cylinder wall clearance. These 340 pistons are available in flat top, dome top and dish top models.

Ross Racing Pistons A engine Small Block Mopar 340 Flat Top, Dome Top and Dish Top Piston Sets

Ross Chrysler Plymouth Dodge 340 Pistons and 340 416 Stroker Pistons

Ross 340 piston sets include:

  • 8 forged high performance / racing pistons
  • 8 Piston pins .984 diameter, 2.500 long, .150 wall, 125 gram weight. Pins can be used with press fit type rods, but suggested installation is with a full floating pin in a bushed connecting rod. We recommend the K1 Technologies H Beam 340 Rods
  • Set of pin retention locks

Additional features, specifications and application notes:

  • Nitrous, can be used with systems rated up to 250 hp
  • Compression ratio based on 64 cc heads, a .042" thick head gasket and piston .017" down from the deck at TDC
  • Ring grooves 1/16, 1/16, 3/16.
  • Can be used with Mopar open and closed chamber cylinder heads, Edelbrock and Indy heads EXCEPT for part # 99626 which is only for use with Mopar OEM chamber heads
  • Stock standard bore size is 4.040 these Ross 340 pistons are all .030 oversize
  • Stock 340 Crankshaft Stroke is 3.310
  • Stock 340 connecting rod length is 6.123
  • Stock 340 Piston pin size is 0.984 inches
  • Disp = Displacement of the dome, or dish top, including the valve reliefs as measured in ccs
  • C.R. = Compression Ratio
  • Wt. = Weight in grams
  • C.H. = Compression Height

Piston Rings are premium plasma moly and the part number listed is for one complete set of rings for one 8 cylinder engine.

Bore Stroke Rod Length Disp C.R. Wt. C.H. Pin Dia. Piston Rings Piston Set
4.070 + .030 3.310 6.123 -5


flat top

514 1.804 0.984 ross RS-9771-75
$199.95 $198.95

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ross 99625

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4.070 + .030 3.310 6.123 12.6


dome top

560 1.804 0.984

ross 99626

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Use only with Mopar OEM chamber type cylinder heads

Ross Racing Pistons Mopar 340 416 Stroker Pistons

Using the below listed pistons with a 4 inch stroker crank builds an engine with a finished size of 416 cubic inches. We strongly recommend the use of the K1 Tech 4340 forged 340 stroker cranks listed here

4.070 + .030 4.000 6.123 -21 9.5 dish top 495 1.459 0.984 ross RS-9771-75
$199.95 $198.95

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ross 99786

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4.070 + .030 4.000 6.123 4.2


dome top

497 1.459 0.984

ross 99788

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Please feel free to use our compression ratio calculator to help you decide on the piston specifications you want. Click here to use our compression ratio calculator



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