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360 Crank K1 Technologies Forged 5.9 Magnum Chrysler Dodge Plymouth Mopar 360 Stroker Crank

K1 Technologies Dodge 360 408 Stroker Crank  Logo Image



K1 Technologies produces extremely high quality Plymouth Dodge Chrysler Dodge Mopar 360 stroker cranks. These forged stroker crankshafts also work in the Chrysler Dodge 5.9 L magnum engines. We are proud to be a distributor of  all premium K1 Mopar engine products. K1 Tech is producing precision machined 4340 forged 5.9 360 crank assemblies that are machined to very close tolerances and are far stronger than a stock 360 crankshaft. K1 produces these excellent 360 stroker cranks in 3 different versions.





4340 Forged Steel 387 408 421 434 Stroker 360 Crank

K1 Technologies Chrysler Dodge Plymouth Mopar Forged 360 387 408 Stroker Crank

More K1 Technologies product info here: K1 Technologies Crankshafts and K1 Rods


K1 Technologies 4340 Forged Steel 360 Stroker Crankshaft Specifications

These crankshafts will fit in either a 360 or 5.9 liter engine block. Depending on which stroker and final bore size you choose to use, you can build stroker engines using these cranks of 379 cubic inches to over 414 cubic inches.

Buy the best K1 Technologies small block Mopar 360 crank here. We provide dedicated customer service, technical assistance, reasonable prices and have been specializing in Mopars since the 1970s.

Dodge 360 and 5.9 Magnum Cranks Forged 360 387 408 421 434 Stroker Cranks

All of the K1 Tech 360 Stroker Crank part numbers listed below have the following common features and dimensions:

  • 4340 forged steel
  • Core hardened
  • Nitrided
  • Mag-Particle Inspected
  • Straight oil holes for best rod journal lubrication
  • Stock 360 and 5.9 Magnum main journal size of 2.810 in.
  • 6 bolt Chrysler rear flange
  • The 3.790 stroke crank with a .030 oversize bore = 387 cubic inches
  • The 4.000 stroke crank with a .030 oversize bore = 408 cubic inches
  • The 4.125 stroke crank with a .030 oversize bore = 421 cubic inches
  • The 4.250 stroke crank with a .030 oversize bore = 434 cubic inches
  • Wt = weight in pounds
  • We recommend using the matching K1 4340 Billet H beam 360 rods with these cranks
Description Stroke Rod Pin Wt Part #
360 Chrysler 4340 Forged Stroker Crank 3.790 Stroke 2.100 rod journal 3.790 2.100 small block Chevy size 60

k1 360-3790FB6F


SB Chrysler 360 4340 Forged Stroker Crank 4.000 Stroke 2.100 rod journal 4.000 2.100 small block Chevy size 63

k1 360-4000FB6F

$786.00 $779.95

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SB Chrysler 360 4340 Forged Stroker Crank 4.000 Stroke 2.125 rod journal 4.000 2.125 stock small block Mopar size 63

k1 360-4000FF6F

$786.00 $779.95

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SB Chrysler 360 4340 Forged Steel Stroker Crank 4.125 Stroke 2.000 rod journal

NOTE: This 4.125 stroke crank has been discontinued by K1 but we have left the crankshaft specifications here to help those who may need them.

4.125 2.000 small block Chevy small journal size 58

k1 360-4125FA6F


SB Chrysler 360 4340 Forged Steel Stroker Crank 4.250 Stroke 1.890 rod journal

NOTE: This 4.250 stroke crank has been discontinued by K1 but we have kept this information listed in case anyone needs it.

4.250 1.890 Honda size 57

k1 360-4250FD6F



K1 Technologies Dodge 5.9 Magnum 360 crankshaft assemblies are 4340 forged cranks for superior strength and durability. These 360 5.9 stroker crank assemblies are ideal for any small block performance muscle car rebuild, street car, hot rod, truck, nostalgia dragster, supercharged, 360 turbo and nitrous engines, all out racing engines, marine, tractor pull, mud bog engines and more.

If you are building a hard running Mopar 360 engine, why risk using a lesser quality crank in your engine? At our discounted prices, you get a premium top quality, high performance 360 K1 stroker crankshaft, for not much more than lesser brand cranks.

360 Stroker Pistons

Ross 360 Mopar Piston Image

We offer a large variety of pistons to work with these 360 cranks including Ross Stroker Pistons, Wiseco forged pistons, supercharged and turbocharged pistons, nitrous pistons, stroker pistons, custom pistons and more. We also sell rods, bearings, gaskets, valvetrain parts and more.


K1 Technologies small block Mopar 360 stroker cranks on this page are available to fit the following engine blocks:

  • Dodge 5.9L Magnum and Magnum R/T
  • Dodge 360
  • Plymouth 360
  • Chrysler 5.9 liter
  • Chrysler 360
  • Mopar 360
  • Crate engines and aftermarket blocks based on the stock 360 block specs


If you can not find the engine parts you need, or if you have questions, please e-mail us , call, or use our online chat system and let us know what you need, and we will be happy to help.


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