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Mopar Performance High Performance Drive Train and Suspension Parts


We are pleased to offer high performance, muscle car restoration, and racing drivetrain and suspsnsion parts for you Dodge, Plymouth, Mopar, Chrysler car. Whether you are looking for the famous Mopar Super Stock leaf springs to help get the power to the pavement, or if you need torsion bars to help improve your cars handling or if you just want to complete a Mopar restoration with high quality Mopar Performance parts, we have the parts you need.




 Mopar Performance Drive Train, Brakes and Suspension

mopar performance brake proportioning valve
brake proportioning valve
lightweight brake proportioning valve
lightweight unit is fully adjustable if you
have a split brake system front to rear.
the proportioning unit is made from lightweight
billet aluminum and is compact for all
applications and is easily adjusted with
the turn knob.
p5249088 lightweight brake proportioning valve
mopar super stock leaf springs
Leaf springs
original equipment xhd leaf springs
these extra heavy duty original equipment
leaf springs are designed for high performance
B and E body vehicles. These springs are
just like production springs,bias design,
that were stock items on 1967-71 B bodies
w/440 or 426 manual and automatic trans.
and on 1970-74 E bodies w/440 or 426
manual or automatic. These springs will
fit any 1966-72 B body or 1970-74 E bodies
regardless of engine size. Comes with
front bushings installed in assembly.
B-body:front 22",rear 36" select right or
left spring.
p4452982 B-body- right
p4452983 B-body -left
p4452984 E-body-right
p4452985 E-body-left
competition leaf springs
these springs don't lock up the rear but
allow it to move,keeping the tires on the track
where they belong. The rear springs listed
below have a 20" front segment. They
require a longer front hanger on B,E,F,and
M -bodies.hanger not included. Standard
hanger used on A-bodies.
p4120863 right-2800lb car weight-pro gas
p4120864 left-super gas bracket car
p3412002 right -original 1968 hemi ss
p3412003 left- use on modified cars and all race
hemi ss. Requires rear shackle relocation
on B body cars.
p3690456 right- 3400lb car weight
p3690457 left-including 1964-65 ss B- body
p3690454 right-3800lb car weight
p3690455 left- B- body
p4120865 right-3300lb
p4120866 left-E-body(barracuda-challenger) requires
rear shackle relocation on B-body cars.
p3690460 right-3600lb
p3690461 left- E-body(barracuda-challenger) requires
rear shackle relocation on B-body cars.

mopar torsion bars

Torsion bars
mopar performance torsion bars for the A,B,and E body cars in a variety of diameters for restorations,performance, and racing. Improve the suspension performance and increase cornering ability or weight transfer of your vehicle with these mopar performance parts torsion bar sets.these A-body bars are 35.7" long.the B and E body bars are 41" long. These bars bolt right in to stock locations w/out modifications. (price is for 1 pair of bars)
A body Torsion Bars
p5249148 .810" diameter-drag race applications
p5249150 .890" diameter resto, for 383 cars, improved" A " engine handling
p5249151 .920" diameter- performance handling, solo racing.
B and E- body torsion bar sets
p5249157 .920" diameter- resto, for 440 and hemi cars improved "A" engine handling
p5249158 .960" diameter-improved"B/RB" and hemi handling.

mopar performance torsion bar boots

torsion bar lock/seal set
p5249609 set of two snap rings and seals for use when changing torsion bars. A,B, and E bodies

mopar leaf spring shackles

rear shackles
offset shackle sets: offset is approximately
.80" for use on super stock cars with
relocated rear springs. Use with offset front
p4120075 A-bodies
p4120076 B&E bodies
straight shackle set
package comes with bushings,side plates,
and nuts.
p5249715 A-body-1 shackle only
p5249716 B-body-1 shackle only
mopar superstock spring hangers
rear spring front hanger bracket sets
2" longer straight type hangers for use
with super stock springs.
p4120079 1966-70 dodge-B- body sedan
1966-70 all B-body wagons
p4120105 1966-70 plymouth B- body sedan
1971-74 all B- body wagons
p4120080 1964-65 B- body w/modification
1970-74 E-body
1971-74 B body hardtop
p4120081 1976-80 F-body
1980-83 J- body
1977-78 M-body
mopar offset spring hangers
rear spring front hanger bracket set
moves springs in next to frame.requires
spring seats to be moved,also offset shackles
p4120077 A- body
p4120078 E-body w/super stock springs.
mopar performance leaf spring relocation kit
spring relocation kit
moves springs in 3" per side for added tire
clearance.mounts longitudinally.requires
welding. Includes front hangers,shackles,
rear shackle mounts,and spring mounting
p4120665ab B&E bodies
p4876558ab A- body
mopar leaf spring shock mount plate
rear spring shock mounting plates
these plates are designed for RWD,A,B,
and E body cars.provides lower shock
pivot plus support for the u-bolts that hold
rear spring to axle.
p4876518 right-A,B,& E-bodies
p4876519 left-A,B, &E-bodies
mopar racing frame connectors
bolt-in frame connector packages
this package lets you tie the front and rear
frame longitudinally on all A or B bodied
drag cars.package includes 2 connectors,
brackets and necessary mounting hardware.
p4286868 A-body 1967-76(108" wheelbase only)
p4876658 A-body 1967-76(111" wheelbase only)
p4286869 B-body 1966-mid 1972
p4286870 E-body
mopar pinion snubber
adjustable pinion snubber
unit fits to front of the rear axle housing.
it helps control axle wind-up by adjusting
the height to the floor pan,depending on
individual requirement.
p3690182 ALL 8 3/4" axle
p5007483 aluminum mpp 8 3/4" axle housing
p3690181 ALL 9 3/4" axle

mopar performance drag racing shock absorber

Drag racing rear shock asborbers
these rear shock absorbers are designed
with the extended length required by
special drag racing applications.
sold individually.
p4529514 A- body with automatic transmission
p4529515 B&E bodies with automatic transmission
p4529516 A- body with manual transmission
Sway bars
sway,bodyroll,traction loss,and "plowing"
during turns are significantly reduced with
the addition of these high quality suspension
pieces from mopar performance parts.
they also prevent "fishtailing" when towing
and help reduce tire wear.designed for easy
bolt on installation.
p4286723 to 1963 rear 3/4" diameter
p4286723 1964-66 rear 3/4" diameter
p4286702 1973-76 front 1" diameter
p4286723 1967-72 3/4" diameter
p4286702 1973-76 front 1" diameter
p4286723 1973-76 rear 3/4" diameter
p4286699 1966-70 front 1 1/8" diameter
p4286723 1966-70 rear 3/4" diameter
p4286702 1971-72 front 1" diameter
p4286723 1971-72 rear 3/4" diameter
p4286707 1970-74 (E-body) rear 3/4" diameter




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