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Mopar Performance Transmission Parts High Performance Transmission Parts and Racing Transmission Parts

Mopar Performance supplies a wide range of high performance automatic and manual transmission parts for you Dodge, Plymouth, Chrysler, Mopar vehicle. We offer their entire line including muscle car restoration transmission parts, high performance trans parts, street rod, hot rod, pulling truck and racing transmission parts.

We also offer the complete line of JW Performance transmissions, high performance torque converters, rebuild kits, valve bodies, trans brakes, ultra bell bellhousings and more for your Mopar transmission. The JW Performance Transmission parts page is on our website at this link: JW Performance Mopar Automatic Transmissions and Parts

If you do not find the parts you need please feel free to e-mail us and we will be happy to help.

Mopar Transmission Parts, Service and Repair Parts Manual & Automatic, A883, 727, 904, 998, 999, A500, A518

727 and 904 Transmission Kits

automatic transmission rebuild master overhaul kit

A description of the parts included in each type of transmission kit is available here.

JW Performance Mopar 727 Torqueflite Transmission Rebuild Kits

jw 50010C Sprag Assembly complete bolt in unit
jw 50090 short kit gaskets and seals 1962 - 1970
jw 50091 short kit gaskets and seals 1971 and newer
jw 50100 overhaul 1962 - 70 models
jw 50101 overhaul 1971 and newer
jw 50110 master kit 1962 - 70, also includes bushings for front pump and tailshaft
jw 50111 master kit 1971 and newer
jw 50006 high flow transmission filter
Torqueflite Transmission Book How to Rebuild or Modify Chrysler's A-727 Torqueflite

JW Performance Mopar 904 998 999 Torqueflite Transmission Rebuild Kits

jw 55090 short overhaul rebuilt kit 1960 - 1971
jw 55091 short kit 1972 and newer
jw 55100A overhaul 1960 - 71 models
jw 55100B overhaul kit 1972 and newer
jw 55110A master 1960 - 65 models
jw 55110B master 1966 - 71 model years
jw 55111 master 1972 and newer
jw 50006 high flow transmission oil filter


B&M Transpack Image

B&M Transpak

  • Downshift At Any Speed
  • For Heavy Loads Driving Downhill
  • Great For Trailer Towing
  • Improves Transmission Life
  • Optimum Performance
  • Recalibrate Auto. Transmission
  • Select Your App. Mode
  • Trans. Removal Not Required

CLICK HERE for more details


JW Performance Torqueflite Manual Shift Reverse Pattern Valve Body Assemblies

For the fastest shifts, best performance and quickest times on the race track, you need a manual shift valve body. The valve bodies listed below are complete replacement valve body assemblies to replace your stock valve body.

Mopar 727 Torqueflite Manual Valve Body

reverse manual jw 50218-R

Mopar 904 998 999 Torqueflite Valve Body

reverse manual jw 50218-R

JW Performance Torqueflite Transbrake Valve Body Assemblies

For serious drag race use, especially in the electronics equipped classes a trans brake is a very popular improvement. The transbrakes listed here are complete replacement valve body assemblies.

Mopar 727 Torqueflite Transbrake Valve Body

Reverse pattern jw 50550br

Mopar 904 998 999 Torqueflite Trans brake

Reverse pattern jw 55550br


JW Performance Deep Aluminum Transmission Pan

Deep Automatic Transmission Pan JW Performance Automatic Transmission Pans

Part Number Transmission Make & Model Description and notes
jwp 50660 Mopar 727 cast aluminum 727 deep transmission pan
jwp 55660 Mopar 904 aluminum 904 deep trans pan


automatic transmission cooler automatic transmission cooler with fan kit

JW Performance Automatic Transmission Coolers and Fan Kits

Part Number Description
jwp 92000 16000 GVW transmission cooler, Universal fit, barb type fittings
jwp 92000a 25000 GVW trans cooler with fan, 10" fan, 650 cfm, barb type fittings, 10" x 16" x 4 7/8"
jwp 92000b transmission cooler with fan, 8" fan, 400 cfm, AN-6 type fittings, 10" x 12.5" x 4", very efficient and light weight package, best choice for all out race vehicles
jwp 92000c 15,500 GVW trans cooler with fan, 7" fan, 400 cfm, barb type fittings

Heavy Duty SFI Flexplate

Dodge Plymouth Chrysler Mopar Engine to Mopar 727 or 904 Transmission

Mopar SFI approved Flexplate flywheel Mopar flexplate

This flexplate is a SFI approved, solid, extremely strong flexplate for use with any 6 bolt Mopar V8 crankshaft and a Mopar 727 or 904 Automatic transmission and torque converter. This plate is for 11", 10", 9" and 8" High Performance and racing and uses 7/16" bolt attaching holes for both the crankshaft and torque converter. If you have ever held a stock type Mopar flexplate, you know how weak they are. Do not risk damage to your expensive HP engine and transmission by using a weak stock type or other similar flexplate, step up to the JW Performance Solid SFI certified flexplate and know you have a much safer plate transferring your engine power to the transmission. This is a neutral balance flexplate.

All Mopar V8 with 6 bolt crank flange


Sold out, no longer available



Automatic Transmission Shifter Kits and Replacement Cables


NOTE: We no longer stock or sell the below Mopar Performance part numbers. We have kept this information on our website as a reference resource for our customers who may find these items at a swap meet, classified ads, on Ebay, etc. We hope this information will be helpful to you.

NEW! Hurst Pistol Grip Shifters

Hurst Pistol Grip Shifters are back! Give your 4-speed Mopar muscle car that original look and feel it deserves with these brand-new, factory reissued pistol grip shifters from Hurst.

p4510610 Hurst Pistol Grip Shifter--1970 B-body non console (can be used on 1968-1969 non console applications)
p4510611 Hurst Pistol Grip Shifter--1971-74 B-body non console w/center arm rest
p4510612 Hurst Pistol Grip Shifter--1970-74 E-body all, 1971-74 B-body w/console
p4510614 Hurst Pistol Grip Simulated Wood Grain Insert
Note: All pistol grip sticks are the bolt-in style and are designed for use with Hurst Comp Plus shifters part number 391-6769 and install kit 373-4089.
steel V8 flywheels-130 tooth,weighs 30 LBS and are used w/ a 10 1/2" clutch, not SFI approved.
P4529142 six-bolt- V8
P4529143 eight- bolt- V8
360 cast crank flywheel-130 tooth replacement for the 360 cast crank eng. w/ external balance. Six bolt for 10 1/2" clutch. Not SFI approved.
P4529110 1971-1992, 360 (not for AMC 360).
P5249842 1993-2001, magnum 360-carb use only, including crate motors.
P4876047 race steel V8 flywheel-130 tooth weighs 18.5 LBS and is designed for use with 10 1/2" clutch. six bolt- V8




V8 clutch covers and pressure plates race
P4529406 3100# spring load, super heavy duty for 10 1/2" clutch. muscle car pressure plates designed for early V8 muscle cars. Both are roller designs similar to original production unit.use w/muscle car clutch disc
P4529140 pressure plate-10 1/2"
P4529141 pressure plate-11" ( actual 10.95") scalloped- 1970-72 B/RB hemi street/strip pressure plates use with street/strip clutch discs.
P4876919 11"hemi/ 440
P4876920 10 1/2" hemi/440/340
P4876921 11" race
muscle car clutch discs
designed for various dodge and plymouth V8 muscle cars.use with pressure plate #'s p4529140 and p4529141.
P4529136 10 1/2", 23 spline
P4529137 11", 23 spline
P4529138 10 1/2", 18 spline
P4529139 11", 18 spline
street/ strip clutch discs
use with street/strip pressure plates.
P4876910 11" hemi/440,18 spline
P4876911 10 1/2" hemi/440/340, 23 spline
clutch fork kit
repair kit for rwd manual transmission clutch forks. Kit contains a clutch fork,pivot, and a boot.
P4529451 a body w/ A engine ( will not fit 1976 A body) approximately 12.5" overall length.
P4529452 B and E bodies with A engine-10.75" over-all length
P4529453 B and E bodies with B engine-10.75" over- all length.
clutch linkage shaft service kit
a complete kit to restore the clutch shaft linkage from the clutch pedal to the clutch fork on rwd man. Trans. Each kit contains nylon bearings,snap rings, seals, washers, lock springs,pivot ball studs and instructions
P4529447 B and E bodies
P4529489 A bodies
clutch rod kit
repair kit for the clutch rod that runs from the linkage to the clutch fork. Kit contains a clutch rod,nuts,washers,springs,clips, and instructions.
P4529448 A body with "A" engine-6.885"overall length
P4529449 B and E bodies with "A" engine-4.860" overall length
P4529450 Band E bodies with "B" engine-4.880" overall length
RWD clutch release bearing and sleeve assembly.
if you have a 426 hemi or most 440 engines w/ a four speed transmission , it is recommended that you take the preventative measure of replacing your throw out bearing while you have the car disassembled. this is a heavy duty bearing w/ sleeve that installs easily.
P4529064 18 tooth spline input shaft.
bearing retainers
A-833 four speed front bearing retainers. each package includes the retainers, retainer gaskets, and input shaft seal.
P4529694 4.35" o.d.,3.70" b.c, for 23 spline input shaft.
P4529695 4.80"o.d., 3.70" b.c., for 23 spline input shaft.
P4529696 4.80" o.d., 4.16" b.c, for 23 spline input shaft.
P4529697 4.80" o.d., 4.16" b.c., for 18 spline input shaft.
synchronizer ring sets
restore the shift quality of you're a-833 four speed transmission with this brass synchronizer stop ring kit. Each kit contains a complete transmission set of four stop rings. Offers improved shift quality on 1964-1970 models.
P4529834AB 1964-1980 A-833
A-833 input shaft bearing package
original equipment input shaft bearing kit, for A-833 four speed transmission includes, bearing,snap ring, and gasket.
P4529698 A-833 input shaft bearing -307 bearing (note-308=3.54" o.d. )

Automatic Transmissions

RWD overdrive A-500 and A-518 automatic transmission shift improver packages.
enjoy firmer, quicker shifts with this over- drive shift improver packages. On the A-500 and A-518 lock-up overdrive automatic transmissions used in RWD trucks. the part throttle kickdown function is retained along with the full shift pattern. these kits are designed for general purpose or high performance applications.
P5249640 1989-94 A-500 lock-up and non lock-up
P5249641 1990-95 A-518 lock-up and non lock-up
torque converter hardware
RWD flex plate screw package, for slant 6 V6, "A", B/RB and hemi engines.
P4120464 eight bolt crankshaft comprised of 4 converter screws 7/16" and 8 crankshaft screws.
P4120465 six bolt crankshaft comprised of 4 converter screws 7/16 and 6 crankshaft screws.
P4876820 six bolt crankshaft comprised of 4 converter screws 7/16 and 6 crankshaft screws.
set of four bolts to attach torque converter to the flex plate. V8 and 6 cylinder
P4529591 torque converter bolt package 5/16"
P4529592 torque converter bolt package 7/16"
RWD torque converter balance weight and positioning template package
P4120241 required for rebalancing performance torque converters. For use w/ externally balanced cast iron crankshafts designed for V8s such as 360 "B/RB" cast crank engines thru 1991 only.will not work w/magnum engines. balance weight and positioning template pkg.
P5249843 magnum 360 balance weight and  positioning template package
required for rebalancing performance torque converters. For use w/ externally balanced cast iron crankshafts in magnum 360 eng. from 1993-01, including magnum crate eng.  magnum 360 balance weight and positioning template package
RWD torque converter flex plates-7/16"
P4529751ab for use with race torque converters. SFI approved-for use with six bolt crank flange, 7/16 bolts for B&M,J.W.per. T/Action converter.
P4529752ab SFI approved for use with eight bolt crank flange, and hemi,B&M, or turbo action converter.
RWD torque converter flex plate -5/16"
for use with econo/lock-up torque converters
P4876704 1992-01 318 magnum, SFI approved.
P4876705 1993-01 360 magnum,SFI approved
P4876821 up to 1991 V8
P5007378 hemi with 8 bolt crank and economy
converter- with 5/16" lug bolts
filter extension package
when using some of mopar's deep auto. transmission pan packages, use this filter extension kit for service. This package contains one filter extension,one trans. Pan gasket and one transmission fluid filter. this kit services deep pan packages. P3690730,P4120161,& P4007886
P5249321AB filter extension package
RWD automatic transmission deep oil pan package
available for A-727 and A-904 transmission. extra capacity steel pan improves cooling and lubrication of critical transmission components.results in better shift perf. And longer component life. Bolt on spacer provided to lower the fluid pickup. Includes drain plug.
P4007886AB A-904 and A-999 non-chrome
P3690730AB A-727-1966 and later non- chrome
P4120161AB A-727- chrome plated-1966 and later
NEW rwd automatic transmission cast deep oil pan packages.
extra capacity cast aluminum pan w/ fins improves cooling and lubrication of critical transmission componenets. Results in better shift performance and longer component life bolt on spacer provided to lower the fluid pickup. Includes drain plug. Adds 2 quarts to sump. Includes extra hole for temperature gauge.
P5007795AB A-500deep cast pan-1989-2001,4.5"deep
P5007740AB A-518 deep cast pan- 1990-2001,3.9" deep
P5007793AB A-727 deep cast pan
P5007794AB A-904 deep cast pan
performance econo converters for 904 and 727 non lock up transmissions
p4876805AB 68-92 904 1900-2100 stall
p4876876AB 68-92 904 2250-2350 stall
p4876877AB 68-92 904 2400-2500 stall
p4876870AB 67-92 727 1900-2100 stall
p4876878AB 67-92 727 2250-2350 stall
p4876879AB 67-92 727 2400-2500 stall
performance econo converters for 904 and 727 lock up transmissions
p4529403AB 68-92 904/a500 1900-2100 stall
p5007290AB 68-92 904/a500 2250-2350 stall
p4876947AB 67-95 727/518 1900-2100 stall
p5007297AB 67-95 727/518 2250-2350 stall
p5007298AB 1996 up 727/518 1900-2100 stall
p5007299AB 1996 up 727/518 2250-2350 stall
NOTE: the 5007298 and 5007299 converters use a symmetrical bolt patt. Flex plate all others use an offset bolt patt. Flex plate.
440,400,360 cast crank weight packages
wt. packages for cast crank externally balanced engines can be installed on the above converters before shipping




JW Performance Automatic Transmission Rebuild Kit Contents

The main difference between the overhaul kit and the master kit is that the master kit includes the steels. Neither kit includes a transmission filter since many people already have spares, or prefer one type over another. The ultimate kit does include bushings and a transmission oil filter. If you want a filter it needs to be ordered in addition to a rebuild kit except, if you order an ultimate kit.

Short Rebuild Kit includes:

Gaskets and seals only

Overhaul Transmission Kit includes:

Alto or Raybestos red clutches, forward and direct clutches, front band, ring kit, gasket and seal kit

Master Overhaul Kit includes:

Alto or Raybestos red clutches, forward and direct clutches, steels, front band, ring kit, gasket and seal kit


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