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Small Block Mopar Performance Engine Parts 273 318 340 360 5.2 5.9 Magnum


Mopar Performance is the performance parts branch of Mopar. We offer their entire line of muscle car restoration, stock rebuild, high performance and racing parts for the small block engines from Mopar Performance. These engine parts are available for the "LA" series V8 engines 273, 318, 340, 360 and stroker engines based on these original designs. These engines make great power and are reasonably light. This makes them great for use in restorations, street cars, street strip cars, hot rods, street rods, trucks and all out race cars. If you are looking for performance parts for the 1993 and newer 318 Magnum and 360 Magnum, please click here for our Dodge Magnum Engine Parts page.

Due to the large variety of Mopar internal engine parts we offer, we have other pages on our website specifically devoted to Mopar Pistons, Mopar Connecting Rods, Mopar Crankshafts and small block Mopar intake manifolds. Please click on the below text links to go directly to more info on these parts.

Small Block Mopar 318 340 360 Intake Manifolds

Edelbrock small block mopar intake manifold image

Click to see info on 273 318 340 360 5.2 5.9 Small Block Mopar Edelbrock Aluminum intakes


Small Block Mopar Rotating Assembly Parts

The engine block bottom end and rotating assembly makes up the base for any high performance or racing engine. The components chosen for use here can make or break a project. These engine components affect ultimate power, reliability and longevity. It is recommended that you carefully select your rotating assembly components to meet your performance goals.

The bottom end is not the place to cut corners as any failures in this area, generally lead to very expensive repairs. We recommend building the best possible bottom end assembly that your budget will allow. A properly assembled rotating assembly will allow you to focus on the camshaft, heads, valve train, intake and exhaust systems, etc. when searching for more power. A well built short block assembly is a long term investment, but installing parts in this area which are insufficient to handle your power goals can lead to disastrous and costly problems. Installing high quality parts can lead to many years of enjoyment from your high performance powerplant.

Small Block Chrysler Plymouth Dodge Pistons

small block chrysler piston

SBM pistons All brands, includes Stock replacement, Hypereutectic Performance Forged and Racing Pistons A comprehensive listing of many available Small Block Mopar pistons


Chrysler Dodge Plymouth Mopar 273 318 340 360 Connecting Rods

Mopar Connecting Rods


273 318 340 360 Crankshaft Listings Stock Stroke and Stroker Cranks

small block mopar crankshaft



318 340 360 Stroker Kits and Rotating Assemblies

stroker kit eagle small block mopar

In addition to the above kits, we also provide hand select, mix and match crank, rod, piston, ring and bearing kits to provide the exact components you need for your project. We have many different components to choose from, far too many to cover every possible combination in pre-packaged part numbers. If the above packaged kits do not provide what you need, please contact us for assistance and we can put together the exact package you want.


Flexplates High Performance, Racing and SFI Approved

sbm sfi flexplate

Chrysler Dodge Plymouth Flexplates for High Performance and Racing


Small Block Chrysler Dodge Plymouth Mopar Harmonic Balancers



Small Block Mopar Books


Mopar A and LA ENGINE PARTS pre- magnum series small block 273, 318, 340 360

NOTE: The below Direct Connection - Mopar Performance part numbers and descriptions are listed to provide helpful information regarding these part numbers should you find these items on Ebay, car shows, swap meets, etc. We no longer sell these items so the below information is for reference only.
340 360 Engine Teardown Gasket Set

includes all gaskets needed for complete engine teardown. Includes oil pan,cylinder head, valve cover,chain case cover,intake manifold and oil pump gaskets.

p4120692 340-360

Forged "A" Engine Crankshaft  273 318 340 360

surface hardened, forged small block cranks feature radiused fillets at main and rod journals.

p5007253AB 3.58" stroke-6 bolt flange-4340 steel-318/340 main.
p5007255 3.58" stroke-6 bolt flange-4340 steel 360 main.
p5007252 4.00" stroke-6 bolt flange-4340 steel 318/340 main.
p5007254 4.00" stroke-6 bolt flange-4340 steel 360 main.
Heavy-Duty cast SBM crankshaft

special heavy duty performance crankshafts with radiused fillets for the small block engine. requires balancing. Also features 6 bolt pattern on crank flange.

p5007256 4.00" stroke,318/340 main
p5007257 3.58" stroke, 318/340 main
p5007258 4.00" stroke,360 main
p5007259 3.58" stroke,360 main
Thin "A" engine crank vibration damper
p4452816 "A" engine-273-318 (1967-91) 340(1968-71) with forged crank.
p5007301 360 (pre-magnum 1971-92) and short blocks P4876906,907,908,913.
Steel SFI approved vibration dampers

universal 6- bolt front pulley mount pattern

p5249690 273-318-340 forged crank(1968-71)
p5249692 360 cast crank (1971-92)
SBM High strength double roller timing chains

kit includes magna fluxed sprockets and roller timing chain.

p5249267 "A" engine and magnum one-bolt mount
NEW! Timing chain tensioner

"A" engine and magnum replaces the thrust plate. designed for "A" engine as well as 3.9L,5.2L,5.9L, and magnum engines.

p5007709 use instead of thrust plate P5249637.
Small Block Mopar Timing chain cover

package includes:cover,sea & gasket. V6 & "A" engine

p5249930 up to 1991-non-chrome


Chrome bolt package for SBM timing covers
p4529256 "A" engine
SBM Composition material head gaskets

thick,0.040" to 0.042" unless otherwise noted, composition head gaskets that can be used for replacement or competition applications up to 12.5:1 compression ratio.(sold as an engine set)

p4529454 "A" - up to 4.100" bore
p4120094 "A"-up to 4.060" bore (0.024"-0.028" compressed thickness)
p4349557 "A" - up to 4.060" bore-hi-comp
Composition material head gaskets Low compression ratio gasket
p4120093 "A" -up to 4.060" bore (Not recommended for compression ratios over 10.5:1)

Dress up your engine compartment. Includes valve cover grommets. Quality chrome plating. stamped steel with mopar logo. Does not include gaskets or screws.

p5007446 "A" engine with mopar logo
p5007458 chrome screws
p5249581 gaskets
"A" Engine polished cast aluminum valve covers.

These polished cast aluminum valve covers are perfect for that show car engine look. They feature the mopar performance logo and are polished to a chrome-like shine. Cast aluminum covers are more rigid than stamped valve covers and help prevent valve cover leaks.set includes 2 valve covers, 2 baffles, 2 oil caps. Does not include gaskets or screws.

p5007613 "A" engine
"A" cast aluminum valve cover hardware "A" cast aluminum valve cover attaching kit
p5007052 baffle and screw package
p5007053 valve cover retaining screw set for "A" engine
NEW! CHROME BOLT SET For cast aluminum valve covers only.
p5007620 chrome bolt set
Mopar A Engine painted cast aluminum black wrinkle valve cover set.

Bold looking cast aluminum valve covers with mopar performance logo. These high strength valve covers are more rigid than standard aluminum covers, offering better anti-leak properties. Fits all "A" engines including W2,W5, W7 and W9. set includes 2 valve covers, 2 oil filler caps and baffles. Does not include gaskets or screws.

p5007611 "A" engine
Chrysler 273 318 340 360 A engine "as cast" aluminum valve covers

these valve covers are intended for serious racers the covers are sold "as cast" so you can set up the breather the way you want them. There is no paint to remove if welding is done, mopar performance logos are cast into each cover. set includes 2 valve covers, oil filler caps and baffles Does not include gaskets or screws.

p5007612 As cast aluminum valve cover set small block "A" engine
Stamped aluminum small block mopar valve cover set

lightweight,anodized aluminum valve covers are distinctive in any engine compartment. Mopar is imprinted in each cover. Set includes: one pair of covers with grommets, gaskets and retaining screws.

p4529198 "A" engine
Valve cover accessory set
p4120272 comprised of 12 chrome plated screw and washer assemblies: (1) chrome plated oil filter cap and (2) rubber grommets
p5007419 valve cover grommet set for chrome valve covers
Valve cover bolt kit
p5007458 "A" engine valve cover bolt kit-comprised of 12 chrome plated screws. For use with stamped steel and aluminum valve covers.
Valve cover gasket set
p4452089 race-small block-"A" engine
HP valve cover gasket

Heavy-duty ribbed,molded rubber gasket with steel shim reinforcement for added strength. for 5-bolt covers.(will NOT fit magnum engine application)

p5249581 High performance valve cover gasket-5-bolt, "A" engine
p4120446 Breather with tube for use with P4529003 chrome valve covers.
p4349046 bottom vented for use with P4529199,P4529198, P5007446, and P5007448.
p4349625 chrome breather cap-use with production covers
p4529880 bottom vented for use with all mopar performance parts cast aluminum valve covers.( black,polished, or as cast) twist on
p4529881 push in style breather cap to fill any extra valve cover holes in in mopar performance parts cast aluminum valve covers-use with grommet (P4529882)

Billet aluminum rocker shaft hold down for greater rocker shaft stiffness helps rocker shaft maintain roundness w/ attaching torque. roundness is important w/mechanical rockers and high spring loads. Anodized blue.

p5249712 "A" engine, standard heads.
p5249713 "A" engine, W2 heads
Rocker shaft retainers and bolts

Each kit contains previously hard-to- find hold down retainers and bolts necessary to secure both rocker shafts. These retainers are manufactured to mopar OE specs to assure high quality. For use on all cylinder heads with cast-in rocker stands.

p4529740 "A" engine
Aluminum W2 / W5 rocker shaft stands

machined from T6061 billet aluminum, these high strength stands securely mount W2/W5 offset rocker shafts. Designed to upgrade the P4120098 cast aluminum rocker stands, these units will not flex,crack or crush. Each set contains 10 stands(six narrow and four wide) and mounting bolts.

p5249049 W2/W5 billet aluminum
W2 & W5 Rocker arm shaft support sets-steel

Required for use on W2 and W5 heads. (except econo W2).

p4120102 steel,comprised of (6) center & ends,(4) inter- mediate and (1) 3/8"-16x2" screws.
SBM Rocker shafts
p4120589 mechanical Valve gear,non-chrome,W2/W5 heads, all intake/exhaust Offset,individual piece.
p3577086 mechanical valve gear, non-chrome,T/A heads, on-center offset, individual piece.
p5249091 aluminum roller rocker shafts, chrome,"A" heads,all intake / exhaust on-center offset, sets of 2.
273 318 340 360 Hydraulic Rocker arm packages

features thicker cross-sectional material in pushrod socket area for added durability. includes 16 heavy duty hydraulic rocker arms, includes rocker shaft retainers, and hold down bolts. Rocker shafts NOT included.

p4529742 "A" engine, standard heads, hydraulic, 1.5 ratio
V8 Dual planes-2 bbl & 4 bbl
p4876335 4 bbl carb, aluminum,dual plane,rectangle port, all std. '67-91 heads. will not fit vehicles with factory a/c compressors
p5249193 2 bbl carb, cast iron,dual plane,rectangle port, W2 heads.
p5249194 4 bbl carb,cast iron,dual plane,rectangle port, W2 heads.
p5249572 4 bbl carb,aluminum, dual plane,oval port, W2 heads.

Mopar Small Block V8 Dual planes-6 bbl Intake Manifold

p4529054 6 bbl carb,aluminum,dual plane,rectangle port. fits all 1967-91 "A" engines.
Mopar Small Block Mopar V8 Single plane intake-4 bbl
p4876334 RACE 4 bbl carb,aluminum,single plane,rectangle port, all std.67-91 heads.
p4529408 4 bbl carb,aluminum, single plane,oval port, W2 heads,water heat.
Race V8 single planes-4 bbl
p5007431 NEW! 4 bbl carb, aluminum,single plane, rectangle port,P7 heads,9.0" deck.
p4876829 4 bbl carb,aluminum, single plane,oval port, W2 heads, small port-no water heat 9.20" deck.
p4876829AB 4 bbl carb, aluminum,single plane, oval port, W2 heads,large port-9.20" deck.
p5249614 std. 4bbl, aluminum, single plane,rectangle port, W5 heads large port.
p5249357 4500 carb,aluminum, single plane,large rectangle port,W5 heads.
p4532598 std.,4 bbl,aluminum, single plane,large rectangle port,W7/W8/W9 heads,9.0" deck race.
p4876162 std. 4 bbl,aluminum,single plane,rectangle port, W7/W8/W9 heads,9.560" deck.
p4876374 Intake manifold fitting-"A" engine
Small Block Chrysler Plymouth Dodge OIL PAN PACKAGES

Each kit contains a factory engineered and approved oil pan,dipstick,drain plug,and washer, and an oil pickup and screen assembly, center sump style is used on passenger car applications, while rear sump style is used for pickups. Windage trays may be used if desired.

p5249059 360 center sump
p5249060 360 rear sump
p5249061 273/318/340 center sump
p5249062 273/318/340 rear sump
Small Block Mopar WINDAGE TRAYS

Designed to provide improved engine lubrication by reducing the interior windage at higher engine speeds.

p4529790 "A" engine-318/340/360 (includes tray and mounting hardware).
p3690939 windage tray attaching package-"A" engine (included in P4529790)
SBM High Performance Oil Pump Assemblies

Click here for our Sealed Power Speed Pro Small Block Mopar Oil Pump Page

This Mopar high performance,high output oil pump assembly provides a 25% increase in oil volume. Ideal replacement for stock pump in high performance applications.
p4286589 ALL "A" Engines
Distributor/oil pump driveshaft gear assembly

with hardened tip Features hardened tip shaft with full radius blend from hex to round and pinned gears.

p3690715 "A" engine
p3690874 for billet roller cam only-aluminum-bronze gear
Right angle oil filter adapter kit

package allows rotation of the oil filter 90 degree made of aluminum and provides necessary clearance for headers,engine swaps,etc. filter NOT included. Fits "A" engines up to 1991.

p5249624 right angle adapter kit
273 318 340 360 Water Pump Assemblies

"A" engine aluminum water pump Basic high flow designs. Six blade pump is recommended for use with cast iron cylinder heads and drag racing applications. Eight blade pump is recommended for use with aluminum cylinder heads and circle track applications. both of these pumps can be used for service replacement in 1968-91 magnum crate motors.

p5249558 six blade
p5249559 eight blade-increased flow
Attaching bolts-timing cover and water pump
p4529256 "A" engine

pre magnum cam and lifter packages for 273/318/340/360 up to 1991(lifters/lube/cam/ instructions)

p4452782 268/276dur-429/444lift idle to 5800 rpm
p4452757 248/256dur/410/425lift 1000/5000 rpm
p4452759 260/268 duration 430/450 lift 1200/5200 rpm
p4452761 260/272 duration 450/455 lift 1500/5800 rpm
p4452992 280/280 duration 474.474 lift 2000/6000 rpm
p4120231 284/284 duration 484/484 lift 2600/6000 rpm
p4120233 292/292dur 508/508lift 2800/6200 rpm
p5007696 292/292dur 508/508lift 2800/6200rpm (less o/lap)
p4529317 320/320 duration 533/533 lift 3800/6400 rpm

for pre magnum 273/318/340/360 up to 1991

p4120653 284/284/duration 528/528lift 2800/6900 rpm
p4120655 296/296dur 557/557 lift 3400/7200 rpm
p4120657 312/312 duration 590/590 lift 4000/7500 rpm
p4349266 324/324 duration 620/620 lift 4800/7800 rpm

high performance cast aluminum head. 100% interchangeable w/cast iron head. High flow intake 222cfm.uses standard A eng valve covers. uses standard 2.02 and 1.60 valves. Uses standard A eng rocker shafts and arms. Small 60cc chamber for added compression. Uses stock 340/360 intake. Must use magnum eng. head bolt package P4876759 requires minor modification to rocker shafts.

p4876785 Commando alum head (bare) each
p4876310 large port alum head. 20% more flow than X or J head

high swirl port technology 166 intake port best pre magnum head

p5249768 360hp 1.88/1.60 w-2 rocker arms (bare) each

ported head assemblies drastically increase the flow.(more that 44% on intake) Port work mainly concentrated on the bowl area. assembled with valve, spring, retainer, etc.

p4876180 202/1.60 ported valve lift to .650

float machined rocker pads, require rocker arm stands and long valve for higher lifts

p5007708ab race 48deg.47cc chamber revised intake port
p5007445ab race 48deg. 65cc chamber revised intake port
p5249769 race 59deg. 65cc chamber 18deg valve angle
p5007355 race 59deg.68cc chamber 18deg valve angle

All stainless valves have swirl-polished under heads,, all stainless valves have no flat or ski-jump on back side of valve head, 340/360 stainless 1 s groove

p4876397 intake,1.88dia. 4.98"length
p5249185 intake,2.02dia. 4.98" length
p5249186 intake,2.08dia. 4.98" length
p5249187 exhaust,1.60dia. 4.97" length
p5249188 exhaust,1.65dia.4.97" length
W2 / W5 stainless 1 s groove
p5249195 intake,2.02dia. 5.28" length
p5249196 intake,2.08dia. 5.28" length
p5249882 intake,2.15dia. 5.28" length
p5249883 exhaust,1.625dia. 5.29" length
p5249198 exhaust,1.65dia. 5.29" length
p5249884 intake,2.125dia. 3/8" stem
p5249885 INTAKE,2.15dia. 3/8" stem
p4876570 intake,2.18 dia.
p4876571 intake,2.20 dia.
p4876573 intake,2.25 dia.
p5249886 exhaust,1.60dia.
p5249887 exhaust,1.625 dia.
p4876574 exhaust,1.80 dia.
5/16" stem,tulip, stainless steel 1 s groove
p4876580 intake,2.15 dia.
p4876579 intake,2.18 dia.
p4876578 intake,2.20 dia.
p4876577 intake,2.225 dia.
A Engine 318 340 360 long valves (sold individually)
p3690933 single/damper 440/500lift chrome-van
p2806077 dual/damper 500/610lift chrome-van
p4876064 dual/damper 590/640lift chrome-sil
p5249864 single/damper 460/550lift chrome-sil
p2946353 dual damper 520/700lift special
p5249849 dual/damper 650/750lift chrome-sil
p4007536 triple 640/745lift chrome-sil
p4286813 single/damper 390/450lift-chrome-van
p4120249 single/damper 430/500lift chrome-van
p5249847 single/damper 480/535lift chrome-sil
p3614542 dual/damper 500/610lift chrome silicon
p3412068 dual/damper 520/620lift special
"A" ENGINE VALVE SPRING RETAINERS 273 318 340 360 Sold Individually
p4452033 chrome-moly 8 degree locks,single std
p4286775 titanium,10 triple increase .060"



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