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318 Pistons Wiseco Pro Tru Street Forged 318 & 5.2 Magnum Piston Sets

Wiseco Chrysler Plymouth Mopar Dodge 318  Forged Pistons


Wiseco produces a great 318 forged piston set for the Mopar Chrysler Plymouth Dodge 318 engine. The 318 Mopar V8, also known as the 5.2L, and 5.2 Magnum has been around since 1964 as part of the LA engine series and the 1992 and newer 318 Magnum series engines.

These pistons are forged from 4032 alloy and include ArmorGlide skirt coating for friction reduction and quieter operation.

The 318 is a dependable, reasonably small and light, efficient engine package, that can be built to do everything from power a street work truck to being an all out drag, oval track or road racing engine. Many people tend to overlook the 318 as a high performance engine, which is a shame as it offers many benefits, and the core engines are easy to come by and relatively inexpensive.

If you do not find the pistons you need for your 318 engine on this page, we have many more 318 and 5.2 Magnum pistons available on our website. To see over 50 different sets please click here >>> 318 Piston Sets



Wiseco Dodge 318 forged piston skirt image Wiseco 318 Forged Piston Top View Image wiseco mopar 318 piston side view image

In building up a 318, one of the main things that must be changed is the pistons. From the factory, the 318 was just about always equipped with low compression pistons, as it was intended more for long life, using low octane regular gasoline, than for high power output. Installing higher compression, higher quality pistons is one of the biggest improvements you can make to your 318 engine. When you upgrade your pistons, it is also suggested to upgrade your connecting rods.

Wiseco 318 Forged Pistons for LA engine series & 5.2 Magnum

Wiseco Chrysler Dodge Plymouth 318 Pistons Logo

Are you looking to buy the best quality 5.2 Magnum Mopar 318 forged pistons available for your engine? We have what you need as we are proud to sell Wiseco Pro Tru Forged piston sets for the Mopar, Dodge, Plymouth, Chrysler 318 engines. These work in the small block Mopar A engine 318 as well as the newer 318 5.2L Magnum series engines. These high compression forged piston sets offer high strength, light weight, better power and durability at a reasonable price.

Wiseco 318 Mopar Forged Flat Top Piston and Ring Kits | Wiseco Pro Tru Street Series

Wiseco 5.2 Magnum 318 Piston Kits Include and Feature:

  • 8 4032 Alloy aluminum forged Flat Top pistons
  • Chromium alloy steel piston pins
  • spiro lock pin retention rings
  • plasma moly piston ring set piston rings are 5/64 5/64 3/16
  • oversize symmetrical radiused valve pockets allow use of high lift cams and big valves
  • pressure fed pin oiling
  • precision finished pin hole
  • ArmorGlide skirt coating for friction reduction and quieter operation.

These pistons are for use with a 318 3.313 inch stock stroke crank and stock length 6.123 in rod. The piston pin size is stock .984 in.

These forged pistons can be used with a press fit pin rod, but we strongly recommend using them with a floating pin 4340 H beam type rod set. They work great with our Molnar Technologies 318 H-Beam Connecting Rods

Bore Size Cubic Inches Comp. Ht. Volume of 2 valve pockets Comp. Ratio w/chamber size of: Part #
62cc 64cc
3.910 in. standard size 318 cid 1.800 -5cc FT 9.6-1 9.4-1

Wiseco PTS529AS

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3.940 in..030 oversize 323 cid 1.800 -5cc FT 9.7-1 9.5-1

Wiseco PTS529A3

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Wiseco 318 Stroker Pistons and Rings

The below 4 piston sets have been discontinued by Wiseco and are no longer available. The specs are being left on display here to help those who may need the info.

The piston and ring sets listed below are for use with a 4 inch stroker crank, 6.123 long rod and .984 diameter wrist pin.

3.940 in..030 over 390 cid 1.460 -21cc dish 9.6 9.4 pt125h3
3.950 in..040 oversize 392 cid 1.460 -21cc dish 9.6 9.4 pt125h4
3.940 in..030 over 390 cid 1.460 -5cc FT 11.3 11.1 pt136h3
3.950 in..040 oversize 392 cid 1.460 -5cc FT 11.4 11.2 pt136h4

If you are building a high performance or racing 5.2 Magnum 318 engine, why risk using anything less than premium Wiseco forged 318 pistons? At our discounted prices, you get a top quality, high performance forged racing piston set, for not much more than lesser quality 318 pistons.


Wiseco Performance Dodge 318 forged pistons on this page fit the following engines:

  • Chrysler 318
  • Plymouth 318
  • Dodge 318
  • Mopar 318
  • Dodge 5.2 Magnum
  • Chrysler 5.2 Magnum
  • Mopar 5.2 Magnum


Wiseco Performance Products has been a leader in the piston and performance parts industry for over 60 years. Wiseco manufacturers high quality aftermarket forged pistons for the automotive, truck, boat, motorcycle, motorsports and powersports markets. Wiseco takes quality and performance seriously, so every Wiseco product is engineered and rigorously tested at their facility and in the field to insure that it will meet and exceed the expectations of our valued customers.

More general Wiseco piston info available here: Wiseco Performance Pistons

We also offer custom 318 pistons for supercharged, turbocharged, nitrous engines, or other special 318 5.2 engines that require different specs than those offered by these Wiseco pistons.

If you can not find the engine parts you need, or if you have questions, please call, use our online chat system or contact form and let us know what you need, and we will be happy to help.

318 and 5.2 Magnum Mopar Engine Building Books Racing and Performance Manuals



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